Van Drew votes with Democrats for ‘straight infrastructure bill’ to benefit the NJ | State and regional

Six of the 13 Republicans who voted for the bill are from New Jersey and New York, Van Drew said, because the bill contains so much to fund needed projects in both states.

More than half of the $ 1.2 trillion will be used to complete projects already underway, he said.

It also includes billions of dollars in funding for the Gateway project to build a new tunnel from New Jersey to New York. This is in addition to the money for the New Jersey projects, he said.

“It’s not a South Jersey project, but a third of all trade goes through these tunnels,” Van Drew said.

He denied that the vote was a victory for Biden.

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“I don’t think that’s what it is,” Van Drew said. “It’s a victory for everyone.”

But Van Drew said he voted no to raising the debt ceiling, no funding the government through ongoing short-term resolutions, and that he will “fight tooth and nail” against the Build Back Better law, claiming that it would “change the nation forever”.

“I have already voted against, I have spoken against and will continue to oppose President Biden’s reconciliation bill, called Build Back Better, regardless of the final price,” Van Drew said Monday.

This bill, Van Drew said, is the one that includes tax increases, social spending, amnesty for illegals, IRS monitoring of bank accounts and Green New Deal projects.

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