Trainer explains gun safety options for children

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Gun safety is a topic that continues to make its way into conversations.

Recently, a bipartisan bill was passed to address gun safety, but most of the time, gun safety starts at home.

After a chilling night of an accidental shooting in Wynne on Thursday, the subject of gun safety has returned.

“If it’s not on you, it needs to be locked up in a safe place,” said Logan Lee, director of training at 141 Shooting Range.

He teaches gun safety to people in the region and country. He said keeping guns locked up and out of reach of children is only part of gun safety.

“It’s really important that you teach your kids how to handle guns, the old adage of not touching doesn’t work anymore,” he said. “That’s what my parents did to me and when they left and they got hit.”

The other part is teaching kids how to handle a gun safely.

“So when we teach kids, we want to teach them to grab it by the barrel and then point it down. We don’t want them to grab it like a typical person would. Because they might accidentally pull the trigger,” Lee said.

Lee said both are critical because a child can find a gun outside their home, in a park or at a friend’s house.

“Whether it’s in a park or at someone’s house, how do you deal with that, how should they tell a parent what’s going on or maybe just how to turn around and walk and leave and go find a parent,” did he declare.

It is estimated that nearly 22 million children live in homes with guns, and 75% of these children know where the guns are stored.

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