Senators Introduce Quantum Computing Security Bill – MeriTalk

Senators Maggie Hassan, DN.H., and Rob Portman, R-Ohio, introduced new legislation that will prepare the United States for quantum cybersecurity risks.

The bipartisan Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act would require the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to continue migrating and prioritizing information technology to post-quantum crypto for many federal agencies.

“The development of quantum computers is one of the next frontiers of technology, and with this emerging technology comes new risks as well,” said Senator Hassan. “Our national security information must remain secure as this technology rapidly develops, and it is essential that the federal government be prepared to respond to cybersecurity concerns.

The legislation would also ask the OMB to help create guidance on which federal agencies can assess critical systems that can then be referred to Congress for any further funding that may be needed.

“Quantum computing will enable huge advances in computing power, but it will also create new challenges in cybersecurity,” said Portman, a ranking member. “This bipartisan legislation will require the government to inventory its cryptosystems, determine which ones are most at risk from quantum computing, and upgrade those systems accordingly.”

Currently, a similar bill passed the House earlier this month and has yet to pass the Senate.