Representative Letlow discusses rural broadband needs, infrastructure bill and COVID vaccine

MONROE, Louisiana (KNOE) – Congresswoman Julia Letlow (R-LA) spoke with KNOE on Wednesday outside the University of Louisiana at the Monroe Library. Letlow launched a district-wide educational tour to the school.

Among the things Letlow focused on in Washington DC is high speed internet access.

Letlow told KNOE: “Nothing like a pandemic to highlight how vital rural broadband is to our district. “

She recognized that high-speed internet access can improve access to quality education and health care.

She said: “When you want to talk about education and also health, but education, we need rural broadband to be able to educate our children. “

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal and bipartisan plan include money for broadband internet access. Despite this, Letlow would not commit to supporting either proposal.

Letlow said: “You know it’s political football. It keeps coming and going. They use it for political reasons. I really want to make sure that this infrastructure bill meets the real infrastructure needs. Roads, bridges, ports, rural broadband. Cut the other part.

Despite this, Letlow acknowledges that Congress will need to pass an infrastructure bill in order to repair Louisiana’s roads and bridges.

Letlow added, “Well, this comes from a great infrastructure bill. That it’s our job to go up there and make sure we are secure. It is coming back for this infrastructure bill and I am fighting to ensure that we receive funds. “

Letlow also touched on a variety of other topics, including agriculture and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In his recent appeal to US trade officials to protect rice farmers, Letlow said, “You know, trade deals are really important to our farmers. It’s important that we have the largest and most sustainable food supply in the United States and around the world, but these are opportunities for us to have these trade deals to export it.

On Covid-19, Letlow stressed that she was for the vaccine, saying, “I encourage people to get vaccinated. I don’t believe the government should be forcing anyone to do it, but I want to be an example. I want people to see what happened to us and our families, and to go get the shots. It has rescue capabilities. I am a promoter.

Letlow will continue his higher education tour this week in the southern part of his district.

Watch Representative Letlow’s full interview with KNOE.

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