New Oracle Cloud CX for Utilities Solution Helps Agents Resolve Issues Faster and Better Support Customers

Oracle Agent Service Combines Fusion CX and Utility Applications to Improve Customer Service While Boosting Sales

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oracle Utilities Edge — Oracle today announced Oracle Utilities Agent Service, a new cloud application specifically aimed at utility customer service teams. Agent Service brings together billing, usage, and interaction history in a single dashboard to provide agents with a holistic view of every customer. Combined with new AI-powered tools that guide agents to the “best next action,” the app helps agents resolve customer issues faster, while also being able to recommend relevant new services. For example, while assisting a customer with a billing issue, an agent may notify the customer of a higher bill, identify ways to lower the bill, and either enroll them in a new rate plan based on their habits. of use, or offer him a discount.

With the new cloud app, agents can easily see how customers are interacting with the utility across all available service channels, including phone, web, email, chat and SMS. This helps agents help customers where they left off in the process, such as if they get stuck creating an online account and need to continue over the phone. The new agent desktop app simplifies navigation for agents and helps utilities reduce employee training time, while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Agent Service is the latest offering in Oracle Customer Experience (CX) for Utilitiesa suite of CX-integrated, utility-specific cloud applications that help water, gas and energy providers improve their bottom line while delivering better customer experiences.

“Celsia is rapidly changing to meet customer needs and launching a new product or service almost every four months,” said Ricardo Sierra, CEO,Celsia. “Our legacy system presented many challenges and we wanted to provide clients and customers with reliable information, as well as personalized offers. We were looking for a specific solution to allow us to be competitive in this market and we wanted a strong and committed partner in innovation. Oracle for Utilities’ CX is the best long-term solution to help us solve these tough problems and better serve our customers.”

Engage customers through experiences
Oracle CX for Utilities is supported by proven CX and operational technology designed for utilities, including billing, rating, payment processing, collections, advanced metering and energy efficiency. By unifying customer data across operations, sales, marketing and customer service solutions, the suite helps teams use each customer’s complete profile to improve sales and service interactions and personalize communications and campaigns across each channel.

For example, using disaggregation, a utility provider identifies that a customer has likely purchased an electric vehicle (EV), resulting in a higher monthly energy bill. With this intelligence available right in the dashboard, agents can provide the customer with helpful suggestions on when to charge the EV based on their current rate plan, as well as guidance for enrolling the customer in a Home Energy Report program. specific to EV owners. This is just one of hundreds of connected experiences utilities can deliver with Oracle CX for Utilities through better:

Customer service: With an AI-powered agent service solution, Oracle CX for Utilities provides service agents with contextual information so they can accelerate resolution times and deliver more value to customers. Additionally, self-service digital web tools and chatbots make it easy for customers to take action on their own to resolve questions and manage their account on the channel of their choice.

Personalized marketing: The platform unifies customer data from multiple sources so utility providers can effectively communicate with the right customers, improving campaign response rates. By using marketer-friendly tools to segment customers and create filters, triggers, and profiles, utilities can quickly generate personalized campaigns that meet each customer’s preferences, such as location and channels. communications, and use real-time information to track their performance.

Commercial efficiency: A complete view of customer accounts and insights from AI gives sales teams the information they need to make better recommendations. The suite gives managers the tools to better understand their accounts and proactively engage as trusted advisors to customers, even when their needs change.

“You can’t effectively use a standard CRM system to do utilitarian work,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Advertising and CX. “CX for Utilities, with the addition of Agent Service, brings together Oracle’s 40+ years of utility technology operational know-how with industry-leading CX capabilities to engage utility customers in new ways that compel them to act Whether a utility is trying to reduce its service costs, increase adoption of new offerings, or meet aggressive decarbonization goals, only Oracle brings together all applications and data in a sustained framework by AI to support customers on this digital journey.”

Oracle CX for Utilities was named leader by IDC in its two recent MarketScapes for utility customer experience management1 and digital customer engagement solutions2. To learn more about Oracle CX for Utilities, visit or see the platform in action on

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