NCFL voting rights activists urge DeSantis to veto election bill

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) — Many suffrage activists are taking a stand against what they call “anti-voting legislation.”

“Helping people get to the polls will be a problem. I mean some of these laws make it difficult, especially for mail-in ballots,” said Lynn Frazier, president of the League of Women Voters of Alachua County.

Frazier is just one of many people concerned about the impacts of Senate Bill 524. It is the latest voting bill intended to strengthen election security.

“The League does not support the bills and we hope the governor will veto this latest bill,” Frazier said.

This comes as the League of Women Voters, along with more than 20 other organizations, sent a letter to Governor DeSantis asking him to veto the legislation.

The bill would change the name of “ballot boxes” to “secure polling stations.” These secure polling stations would be placed at the main office of the supervisor, at each permanent branch of the supervisor and at each early voting site.

The bill would also increase penalties for violations of election law.

If a person collecting requests for an organization is found guilty of altering requests without consent, that organization will face a fine of $1,000 for each request modified.

“There is no evidence that I know of that the elections are insecure. In fact, all the evidence is that the last round of elections was the safest ever,” said Gainesville resident Ray Mosely.

Another resident said he favors strengthening voter ID laws, while keeping voting accessible to all.

“If there was a nefarious motive it could be used (to suppress the vote) but if the effort is genuinely to ensure that only those who should vote are voting is appropriate,” said Larry Easton.

The bill would also require officials to update voter registration lists annually, instead of every two years.

Legislation is now directed to the governor’s office.

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