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WASHINGTON, DC – The House passed the National Defense Authorization Act 2022 (HR 4350) over strong bipartisan lines. The annual Defense Bill provides resources for our troops to defend against threats against America and ensure our national security.

The bill included five amendments sponsored by Rep. David B. McKinley, PE (R-WV).

“America faces a variety of ever-evolving threats, from China and other foreign adversaries to terrorist groups and cybercriminals,” McKinley said. “We need to ensure that our military has the resources to combat these threats and ensure our security. “

The McKinley-sponsored amendments in the bill include:

Strengthening the Defense Industrial Base (Amendment 280): Prioritizes sources of synthetic graphite owned nationally and produced in the United States. This provision would help domestic producers of synthetic graphite, including one based in West Virginia.

Importance for national security of basic electricity (amendment 281): expresses the feeling of Congress that access to a secure and reliable supply of basic electricity, including electricity generated from coal, natural gas and nuclear power, is essential to the national security interests of the United States

Funding for the National Guard Youth Challenge (McKinley / Napolitano Amendment # 301): Increases funding for the National Guard Youth Challenge Program by over $ 35 million. West Virginia is home to two programs: Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy at Camp Dawson in Preston County and Mountaineer ChalleNGe Academy South in Montgomery.

Funding Flexibility for Youth Challenge (McKinley / Napolitano Amendment # 302): Supports National Guard Youth Challenge (NGYCP) programs by requesting the Department of Defense to issue non-state matching funding. This would provide support for the start-up costs of new programs, special projects, workforce development programs and emergency costs.

Sanctions on Russian Nord Stream Pipeline (Amendment # 19, McCaul, McKinley, et al): Authorizes new sanctions against foreign entities and those responsible for planning, building and operating the Russian Nord Stream pipeline 2.

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