May 24 ballot includes special election questions for City of Atlanta residents in DeKalb–Decaturish County

By Logan C. Ritchie, Contributor

Atlanta, Georgia— City of Atlanta residents who live in DeKalb County will vote on three TSPLOST (tax sales and use of local special purpose options for transportation) issues and bonds in the May 24 ballot.

Q: 1 “Will an additional 0.4% sales and use tax be levied in the city of Atlanta for a period not exceeding 5 years for the purpose of improving transportation and reducing congested? »

TSPLOST is a sales tax used to fund capital projects including roads, bridges, sidewalks and bike lanes. This 0.4% sales tax increase was approved by voters in 2015 and expires in March 2022. If this referendum passes, the city of Atlanta will earn $300 million in taxes to address the issues of transportation, including repaving streets, adding new sidewalks, repairing broken sidewalks. and the addition of cycle or micro-mobility lanes.

Q:2 Referendum on General Duty Public Improvement Bonds for Roads, Sidewalks, Trails, Trails and Related Transportation, Parks and Playground Improvements

General bonds are long-term borrowing tools. This infrastructure bond would not exceed $193 million to help fund projects in the city of Atlanta, including:

– $196.5 million for sidewalks and trails

– $108 million for safe street projects and protected bike path projects

– $40 million for bridges and bridge matching funds to secure federal infrastructure bill funds

– $32 million for street repairs

– $10 million for road and pedestrian signs

Q:3 Referendum on General Duty Public Improvement Bonds for Public Safety, Parks and Recreational Facilities

This issue relates to another general obligation bond, not to exceed $213 million, to help fund parks and emergency services projects in the City of Atlanta, including:

– $69.3 million for police and fire station facilities and renovations

– $15 million for the 911 call center

– $8 million for the Diversion and Services Center

– $36 million in local projects to be decided by the city council

– $72.8 million for recreation centers and swimming pools

– $64.6 million for park improvements

– $15 million for the arts

– $9 million for the maintenance of parks and recreational facilities and the renovation of greenhouses

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