Loan agreement signed with the Danish Green Investment Fund

Company announcement no. 96 – 2021
Copenhagen, September 28e, 2021

Loan agreement signed with te Danish Green Investment Fund for 100 million Danish kroner

The final loan agreement was signed between GreenMobility and the Danish Green Investment Fund for a loan of DKK 100 million in total. The first tranche of the DKK 24.5 million loan was released and drawn by GreenMobility.

Reference is made to company announcement no. 86 of 25 June 2021 regarding the approval of GreenMobility for the loan of the Danish Green Investment Fund and the announcement of the company no. 91 of September 3, 2021 concerning the publication of the Prospectus by GreenMobility as part of its rights issue, which includes additional information on the main terms of the loan agreement.

The loan is expected to support the continued growth of GreenMobility, particularly in Sweden and Finland, by initially funding the existing fleet and subsequently planning the expansion of the fleet into existing operational cities. In addition, the loan will be used for additional electric vehicles (EVs) in possible new cities in Sweden and Finland and thus support the basis for effective launches in new cities.

“With this loan and the support of the Danish Green Investment Fund, we have, in combination with our recent capital increase, achieved one of our essential capitalization gains. This allows us to continue our strong growth, especially in the Nordic countries ”, says Anders Wall, COO & Deputy CEO of GreenMobility.

The Danish Green Investment Fund has a strong focus on supporting companies with clearly defined ESG commitments, and in the case of GreenMobility also a pioneer in the green transition, which from day one has been an integral part of GreenMobility’s DNA.

Contact and further information

Anders Wall, COO & Deputy CEO, Head of IR, +45 25 40 30 20, e-mail: [email protected]

About GreenMobility
GreenMobility offers modern city dwellers easy, flexible and sustainable transportation in the form of shared electric city cars. Users have access to these cars through the GreenMobility app. Trips are paid by the minute, through packages by the minute or by the day. Today, GreenMobility operates a total of 950 electric vehicles in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Malmö, Gothenburg, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Helsinki. Over 130,000 people are registered as customers with GreenMobility.

Driven by global megatrends, GreenMobility sees a rapidly growing market for carsharing in major cities that demand green transportation for their citizens and aim to reduce the number of passenger cars. GreenMobility’s ambition is to be one of the world’s leading operators of green shared mobility solutions. GreenMobility is listed on the main Nasdaq market in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Loan agreement signed with Danish Green Investment Fund for DKK 100 million

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