Letters to the Editor October 17, 2021

For the publisher:

There is a long list of people who make the Wildcat Invitational great. First of all, we have to thank Johnathan Estes, the airport manager for the South Arkansas Regional Airport. He and the South Arkansas Regional Airport Board are the ones who allow us to use the grounds as a meeting place. Johnathan also does countless other things to keep the event going as well as it does.

The following people volunteered to help the races run as efficiently as possible on race day: Chris and Kristy Hayden (side-by-side track), Randy Russell (four-wheel chef), Pate Bauldree for providing his four wheeler, Megan Koonce and Jo Cunningham (registration table), James Cunningham helped monitor the course during races and provided a generator, as well as Mark and Geni Smith (parking lot). Missy Shankle, Candace Black, Katie Taylor, Kim Conner, David Conner, Molly Taylor, Julie McGee, Leslie Black, Jo Colvin, Mitch Colvin and Tiffany Meadows all helped at the finish line.

Thanks to M&J oil for being a sponsor of the meeting. Thank you to the Smackover County and Parkers Chapel schools for bringing athletes to compete. Thanks to McAdams Drafting and Design for selling dating t-shirts. Thank you to the Union County Sanitation Department for providing free trash cans.

Finally, a big thank you to the community for their support and to El Dorado News-Times for all the coverage.

John Koonce, El Dorado Cross Country Coach


For the publisher:

In February 2013, I wrote a column regarding Roe v. 40th birthday. Wade. In it, I pointed out that I could be more sympathetic to those who oppose a woman’s right to choose an abortion if those same opponents were also in favor of actions that would improve the quality of life after birth. In other words, do something that would make abortion a less likely choice. We’re almost a year and a half away from the 50th anniversary, and we still haven’t done much to eliminate the causes of abortions.

Tragically, the situation has now worsened due to the misogynistic actions of the GOP Trumpista in the Red States and in the US Congress. The state of Texas, under the malignant “leadership” of Governor Greg Abbott, has effectively banned all abortions in the state, forcing those who can afford it to seek help in other states or nations. The McConnell-Trump Supreme Court will soon hear a Mississippi case that should put the nails in Roe v’s coffin. Wade. All three Trumpista appointees know that’s why they were named, as do Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

If state and congressional lawmakers were genuinely sincere about the sanctity of life and forcing women to give birth regardless of their personal circumstances, then why do they oppose virtually all Democratic bills? who could remedy these personal circumstances and give every newborn baby a chance to succeed in life? Basically, they care about embryos and fetuses only to get fundamentalist religious votes, but they don’t care about the babies, toddlers, teens, adults and old people they will become.

How could an American lawmaker conscientiously oppose the Democrat’s Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act? No one born in the United States should have to worry about whether they will be allowed to vote. It’s supposed to be a democratic republic, so all of our lawmakers should act like it really is.

Unlike other wealthy countries, the United States is notoriously stingy when it comes to child care, health care, education, and even our Social Security system. The pending reconciliation law aims to rectify these embarrassments. Only Congress Democrats are backing him, but there are two corporate Democrats in the Senate and a handful in the House who could weaken him or join the Trumpistas in preventing his passage.

All of the following “anti-abortion / pro-family” policies are included in the bill: Childcare assistance for children aged 0 to 5; two years of universal pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4 year olds; paid family and medical leave; extension of the current child tax credit until 2025; and two free years of community college.

Three other policies that are also long overdue are included: expanding medicare to include dental, hearing and vision services; reduce the prices of prescription drugs; and fight climate change to prevent future generations from having to survive in an increasingly hostile world.

David offutt


For the publisher:

After listening to David Jeremiah’s series of end times sermons, I often wonder if we are getting there. Last night he spoke about the microchip that can be implanted in the wrist. You can be tracked down and when you go to a place to shop you just swipe your hand like a barcode. People would know a lot about you. Your privacy and personal data, not to mention your bank account. Are we heading towards the end of time? It seems that way. In the book of Revelation, David Jeremiah brought out the mark of the beast. In correspondence with the electronic chip. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you take the mark. There will be famines. It will be the tribulation after the Rapture. Now, no one knows about the Rapture. It could take place at any time. Jesus will descend from the eastern sky, with the Archangel sounding the trumpets. All believers and children of God will be taken to heaven, to live in eternal peace. It is a frightening situation. With all the bad things happening, the coronavirus, the wayward lifestyles, the people doing their own thing and storms like hurricanes, earthquakes and fires on the West Coast. You better get your heart right with God. It is coming very soon Morning, Night or Noon.

Donald putman


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