Guillermo del Toro offers update on Netflix’s Stop-Motion musical

After the release of his new movie Nightmare Alley, director Guillermo del Toro talks about his upcoming adaptation of Pinocchio.

Guillermo del Toro recently spoke about his upcoming stop-motion musical adaptation of Pinocchio for Netflix.

Del Toro has revealed that his next adaptation of the iconic story takes place during Mussolini’s rise in fascist Italy in a new interview with Rotten tomatoes. Alley of nightmares The director also discussed the parallels between his last two projects, explaining, “Obviously, Pinocchio has a large section in a carnival. And there are strange little echoes in between, and Pinocchio deals with another theme. Pinocchio talks about what makes a human a human, and what makes a human a puppet or a puppet a human. “

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Del Toro has been working for years to get his Pinocchio adaptation in the field. The film has been in development since 2008 with Gris Grimly and Mark Gustafson originally attached to directing, although del Toro has taken over the directing duties in 2o12. In 2013, Grimly tweeted that the project had been put on hold after the box office failure of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated film. Frankenweenie, explaining: “Quick update on Pinocchio for those wondering: it seems like now is not the right time for such an adventurous and superior movie. “

While Del Toro continued to pursue the project, it stalled again in 2017 due to a lack of funding. “[Pinocchio] is not happening, “said the director during the promo for The shape of water. “… The idea was to do Pinocchio during the rise of fascism in Italy, with Mussolini. It was a good time to discuss the idea of ​​being a puppet or being a human, but you know, that’s not happening. “

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Fortunately, Pinocchio got another chance at life when Netflix acquired the film in 2018. Over the past few years, del Toro has worked closely with Netflix, creating the Tales of Arcadia trilogy that includes Troll hunters, 3 below, and Wizards. Fans can look forward to many more collaborations between del Toro and the streaming giant after the filmmaker signed a multi-year deal in 2020 to write, produce and direct film and television projects for Netflix.

Del toro Pinocchio has been in production since fall 2019 and features newcomer Gregory Mann as Pinocchio, alongside Ewan McGregor as Cricket and Ron Perlman as villainous Mangiafuoco. Other actors lending their voices to the film include Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, Cate Blanchett, Tim Blake Nelson, Finn Wolfhard and John Turturro.

Released in December 2021 to generally favorable reviews, Alley of nightmares has been described as del Toro’s most well-founded work to date. Adapted from a 1946 novel of the same name, the neo-noir psychological thriller follows an unlucky man (Bradley Cooper) who joins a traveling carnival. After being loved by the mentalist and clairvoyant of the carnival, the man sets out to make a fortune by defrauding the New York elite. The film also stars Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Ron Perlman, and Richard Jenkins.

Del toro Pinocchio, not to be confused with Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming live-action Pinocchio, is scheduled to air on Netflix in the last quarter of 2022.

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