Greens to vote for Labour’s ‘weak’ climate target: Bandt

Greens leader Adam Bandt has confirmed the small party will vote for what he says is Labour’s ‘weak’ 43% emissions reduction target.

He says the target was not enough to help limit warming to 1.5 degrees and the Great Barrier Reef will die, taking 60,000 jobs with it.

Bandt also says the Greens are “bitterly disappointed” that Labor has made clear it will not block new coal and gas projects for export, as the minor party has demanded.

But while the Albanian government “didn’t want to adopt science-based targets and impose a moratorium on new coal and gas”, Bandt says the Greens were able to get improvements to the bill.

These include ‘Dutton-proofing’ the bill to ensure that 43% is a ‘true floor’ and the target cannot be reversed as well as changes to strengthen the Climate Change Authority and ensure that agencies such as Export Finance Australia must take climate objectives into account.

“That would stop them from supporting fossil fuels,” Bandt said.

“That’s why I can tell you today that tomorrow I will be joined by our Green MPs in the House of Representatives to vote for the climate change bill and when the bill comes to the Senate, we will also vote for him there.

“To be clear: the Greens have improved a weak climate bill, but the fight to stop Labor opening new coal and gas mines continues and in this parliament the only obstacle to greater Climate ambition is work.

“People need to be clear-eyed about the importance of this bill…even the smallest of steps on the road to tackling the climate emergency could be wiped out by just one of 114 new coal projects and of gas in the government’s investment pipeline.

“The fight begins now for Labor to stop opening coal and gas mines. The Senate investigation here will be key because we expect it to show that the government cannot even meet the weak goals of this legislation if it opens up new coal and gas projects and that the government will have to rethink his approach.