GovCon expert Dana Barnes discusses the history and evolution of cybersecurity

Dana BarnesPresident of the Government with dataminr and an influential member of Executive mosaic Expert GovCon program, recently participated as a guest on SecurePod, a weekly podcast from SecurityToday to discuss the evolution of how data software benefits businesses in the federal marketplace.

Twice recipient of the prestigious Wash100 Price also explored the company’s history and how Dataminr’s innovative platform works to serve its customers, as well as his own cybersecurity history and background during his career.

Here is an excerpt from the report by Expert GovCon Dana Barnes.

“The first introduction I had to cybersecurity was during my time at Microsoft. Previously, people thought Microsoft was insecure,” Barnes explained. “Bill Gates actually shut down the company for a few days and said, “We’re going to change that and become the most secure platform in the world”… I arrived shortly after and cybersecurity was a constant conversation and I learned a ton. .”

Additionally, the conversation between GovCon Expert Dana Barnes and host Ralph C. Jensen continued to explore how the cybersecurity space is constantly evolving and the ways Dataminr continues to learn more and continue to grow its set of solutions to protect its customers.

“What I love about our set of early learners as well as our nurturing capabilities on the commercial and enterprise risk side of the house is that it can all continue to evolve and adapt to the current situation,” explained Dana Barnes. .

He continued, “While I bring my experience from these other companies as well as everything I learn here at Dataminr from incredible engineers, this balance will allow us to have a big impact on cyberspace and physical security. , because these two aspects merge. .”

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About GovCon Expert Dana Barnes

With over 22 years of IT and business development experience, including a Master of Science in Information Technology, Dana Barnes has spent her career helping customers and partners solve problems and improve their infrastructure. and their operational capabilities.

His overall focus has remained on managing effective teams and delivering technology when and where it can be used to solve business problems.