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A small piece of Coeur d’Alene could die, and it will be a shame if that happens.

When you ask virtually anyone about Garnet Cafe, they’ll say, “Oh, this is a Coeur d’Alene institution! There are a lot of people from the outside who have told me that every time they visit the Garnet is the first place they go for breakfast.

The Garnet Cafe has been forced out of its lease and will close its doors for good this month at 315 E. Walnut.

Yes, they got a loan for a small business and, yes, they now have the keys to the late The Broken Egg Cafe. But, the cost of the move runs into the tens of thousands of dollars, and homeowners don’t have enough money.

A longtime Garnet employee started asking for help and raised $ 3,000.

The nonprofit CdAide said it would help employees facing financial difficulties as a result of the move. But, the move will not happen if enough money is not collected.

Personally, I love Garnet Cafe and have been going there for 10 years. I would hate to see any Coeur d’Alene institution forced to close. Is not it ?

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