Florida GOP congressmen support bill to prevent funding of flights carrying illegals across the United States

Sunshine State congressman shows support for the United States Representative Ashley Hinson‘s, R-Iowa, proposal to “prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding secret charter flights carrying illegal immigrants inside the United States”

Hinson introduced the “Stop the act of betrayal” with more than 35 Republican co-sponsors, including U.S. Representatives. Vern Buchanan, Byron Donalds, Brian Mast, John Rutherford and Dan Webster.

“It is infuriating that the Biden administration is sending illegal immigrants to the United States in the dead of night, at taxpayer expense – they have no regard for the safety of our communities. Instead of securing our border by applying the Stay in Mexico political, giving Border Patrol agents the resources they need and finishing off the wall – the administration pursues a policy of “capture and release” and secretly smuggles illegal immigrants into the country with no way to track them down. The Stop the Betrayal Act will stop your paycheck from funding these secret flights carrying illegal immigrants to the United States,” Hinson said when she introduced the bill.

Webster weighed in on the bill in late February.

“I will continue to advocate and support policies that secure our borders and reform our immigration laws,” Webster said. “This is one of my top priorities and I will continue to advocate for the use of the constitutional power of Congress to prohibit this lawless administration from continuing these actions.”

The invoice was sent to the United States House Judiciary Committee at the end of January. So far, there is no follow-up action in the US Senate. With Democrats controlling both chambers on Capitol Hill, the bill will struggle to pass through Congress.

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