COLUMN: Defense Bill Helps Ft. Bragg, Region | Chroniclers

Working to support Fort Bragg and the soldiers stationed there, and their families, is one of my top priorities. As we return to Washington this week, I will continue to ensure that Congress understands and supports the priorities of Fort Bragg and our military.

While our National Defense Authorization Act for our military will not be debated for several months, I was proud to secure a victory for Fort Bragg just days ago. On July 5, President Joe Biden enacted a bill that I introduced to consolidate Fort Bragg into a single Federal Judicial District. Co-sponsored by Congresswoman Deborah Ross, a Democrat from Raleigh, this bill will help families in Fort Bragg by ensuring that all court cases arising from the base can be heard in the neighboring Eastern District courthouse in Fayetteville, instead of having to drive up to two hours away in another neighborhood. Securing this law is a reminder that we can still work together to get things done in Washington by proposing common sense solutions.

In our country, inflation, crime and illegal border crossings continue to increase. We need to get Americans back to work and our kids to school. As we tackle these and many other issues facing our great country, rest assured that I will continue to seek common sense, bipartisan solutions to help you and your family. Like Fort Bragg, I believe we can support our economy, our schools, our environment and our neighborhoods if we work together. I am honored to be your member of Congress and I will never stop working for you.

Richard Hudson represents the 8th District of North Carolina which includes Cabarrus and other counties stretching east to Fayetteville.

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