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BUCKS COUNTY >> As the old year ends and the new year begins, State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) shared a year-end recap of accomplishments in the 10th Senate District , highlighting its commitment to supporting local businesses and municipalities, providing voters with community services, resources and events, and lobbying Harrisburg on issues important to its constituents.

“The past two years have been tough, but we have seen members of our community come together and support each other,” said Senator Steve Santarsiero. “It has been encouraging to see the support given to nurses, frontline workers and small businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and to see neighbors rallying to those who have suffered the ravages of the Hurricane Ida. As a community we have started to pick up the pieces of some difficult times and are ready to rebuild together. I am proud of the work my office has accomplished this year and look forward to continuing to serve the 10th Senate District in 2022. ”

Events and town halls

Senator Santarsiero organized 39 town halls and events in 2021, engaging tens of thousands of voters in the 10th Senate District. Here are some of the highlights:

Investments in businesses, jobs and the community

In 2021, Senator Santarsiero secured $ 18.6 million in public funds to support economic development and job growth in the 10th Senate District. Some of the key investments were:

  • $ 2 million to rebuild the Doylestown Hospital Children’s Village, which was destroyed in a tornado in August 2020,
  • $ 1.5M for the continued expansion and growth of the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center in Buckingham, as well as
  • $ 750,000 for FlowMetric, Life Sciences Inc., one of the Biotech Center companies involved in vaccine testing and research, and
  • $ 8.7 million for the revitalization and repairs of Washington Crossing Historic Park in Upper Makefield Township.
The Pennsylvania Biotech Center in Buckingham.

It also provided $ 7.1 million for local community investments, including parks and green spaces, schools, public safety and the arts. Local law enforcement officials have benefited from nearly $ 400,000 from these grants.

Kayden’s law passed by the Senate

In June, the state Senate passed landmark law that will save children’s lives. Senate Bill 78, also known as Kayden’s Law, is legislation that will bring urgent reform to child custody law in Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 78 is a bipartisan effort by Senator Lisa Baker and Senator Santarsiero, Republican and Democratic chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Committee, respectively. State officials Tina Davis and Perry Warren have been working with Senator Santarsiero on this issue for three years and are bringing complementary legislation to the House.

The bill would help protect children by making their safety and well-being the primary focus of any custody dispute. It does this by imposing security conditions and restrictions on visits in cases of abuse; modify the factors that a judge must consider when granting custody to emphasize the health and safety of the child; and recommend better training of all judicial personnel involved in custody cases.

Kayden mancuso

Senator Santarsiero continues to thank Kathy Sherlock, Kayden’s mother, for her strength and dedication to this effort. As he said in the Senate, “Kathy has been a tireless advocate for the children of our state. His strength and dedication to this cause have inspired me time and time again not to give up.

The protection of the environment

Senator Santarsiero has proposed and led the efforts of 15 of his fellow Democrats to intervene in a lawsuit this spring challenging the authority of the Delaware River Basin Commission to ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin. By intervening, the trial of the Democratic deputy aims to protect the drinking water of more than 13 million people.

In June, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed, with prejudice, requests by the Senate Republican caucus based on lack of standing to bring legal action. This matter is still on appeal, but Senator Santarsiero is committed to continuing to do what is necessary to protect this vital resource.

Standing on the banks of the Delaware River in New Hope, State Senator Steve Santarsiero (on the podium) announces a lawsuit to dismiss a lawsuit to lift the ban on hydraulic fracturing in the basin of the Delaware River. He is accompanied by Senators Amanda Cappelletti (D-Montgomery, Delaware) and Tim Kearney (D-Delaware) and members of the New Hope Borough Council.

Protect voter freedom and protect personal information

Senator Santarsiero continued to advocate for secure measures that will increase access to the ballot. He was selected earlier this year to serve on the Select Committee on Electoral Reform and Integrity, which heard testimony from election officials across the country and the Commonwealth confirming the accuracy and security of the 2020 election. .

In April, he introduced two bills that will improve our electoral process. The first, the Safe Drop Act, would require all counties to provide one ballot box for every 20,000 people. This requirement will make it easier for people to cast their mail-in ballots without fear that the electoral board will not receive them in time to be counted.

The second bill would give counties at least 21 days before election day to pre-count the mail-in ballots – this is the process by which counties scan, but do not compile, the ballots so that they are able to count them quickly after the polling stations close on election night.

At the same time, Senator Santarsiero challenged the rhetoric and dangerous actions that threaten our voting systems. In two Intergovernmental Operations Committee hearings on September 9 and 15, Senator Santarsiero rebuffed cheeky attempts by my fellow Republicans to use taxpayer dollars to fund a partisan effort to challenge the 2020 election. of the Senate issued a summons to the Pennsylvania State Department, requesting the social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and other personal data of nearly 7 million Pennsylvania voters, Senator Santarsiero and his colleagues of the Democratic caucus have filed an injunction asking the courts to keep this data private and protected.

Hurricane Ida relief

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, which caused widespread flooding and road closures, Senator Santarsiero worked to connect affected residents, businesses and communities with aid and assistance. He has also worked with affected communities, such as Carversville, on flood mitigation projects.

Senator Santarsiero worked closely with PennDOT to monitor road closures caused by the storm and related repair projects. Thanks to his continued advocacy to prioritize high-traffic areas, dozens of closures were quickly repaired, while large-scale ongoing projects are all underway, and are expected to be completed this spring.

Rockhill Quarry

Senator Santarsiero continued to call for the permanent closure of Rockhill’s career. While the operation of the quarry has been at a standstill for 3 years, current demands make the future of activity on the site uncertain. More recently, in December, Senator Santarsiero sent a letter to Secretary McDonnell of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requesting that no further extensions be granted to Hansen in the permit application process, and that due to the presence of asbestos of natural origin, the quarry is closed for good.

Constituent service

Throughout 2021, Senator Santarsiero and his office engaged in more than 11,440 interactions with constituent services, providing assistance to state agencies, processing 952 unemployment claims, distributing vaccine information, and more. .

“I encourage voters to contact my office with questions, ideas and concerns related to the state. My staff are always ready and happy to provide assistance, ”noted Senator Santarsiero.

The 10th Senate District includes: Township of Bedminster, Township of Buckingham, Chalfont, Doylestown, Township of Doylestown, Dublin, Township of East Rockhill, Township of Falls, Township of Haycock, Township of Hilltown, Lower Makefield Township, Morrisville, New Britain, New Britain Township, New Hope, Newtown, Newtown Township, Perkasie, Plumstead Township, Sellersville, Silverdale, Solebury Township, Telford, Tullytown, Upper Makefield Township , Township of West Rockhill and Yardley.

Senator Santarsiero has district offices in Newtown (215-497-9490) and Doylestown (215-489-5000) and can be contacted by email at [email protected], and on social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.