Bill Calvert would honor the flight attendants of Reach 871 with the Congressional Gold Medal

U.S. Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA) recently sponsored a law to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the U.S. Air Force crew of Reach 871, commonly known as Reach 871, recognizing their bravery and service during Operation Allies Refuge, the US military operation to airlift certain at-risk Afghan civilians out of their country during the US withdrawal.

“In the final days of our nation’s presence in Afghanistan, when so much has gone wrong, the images of a sea of ​​anxious people crammed into a C-17 cargo bay have been a burning reminder of the compassion of the ‘America,’ said Representative Calvert. “The award of the Congressional Gold Medal to the crew of the Reach 871 is a fitting and appropriate recognition of their bravery and selflessness.”

On September 30, Representative Calvert introduced the Reach 871 Congressional Gold Medal Act, HR 5437. The legislation would honor the Reach 871, which set a record by putting 823 people on a flight, the most people ever flown on a flight. C-17 Globemaster III, according to the text of the bill.

“In chaotic and dangerous conditions, the Air Force crew at Reach 871 went above and beyond the call of duty to maximize the number of people they could evacuate,” said Representative Calvert. “The crew saw the urgent and desperate need to provide refuge for men, women and children, and took the initiative to harness the incredible capacity of the C-17 aircraft to transport them to safety. “

The crew and their commander made the courageous decision to evacuate as many civilians as possible, including women and children, putting the lives and safety of those civilians above all else, the bill says.

“Selfless service and the willingness to face extreme peril in order to ensure the safety of Afghan civilians must be recognized and honored,” the bill says. “These airmen exemplify the patriotism and commitment of all of our brave servicemen who have served in Afghanistan for the past 20 years and risked their lives in the service of our country.”

The crew of Reach 871 is part of the 436th Air Wing based at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

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