What is Thursday Purse Day?

OK. So my blogname, PURSE-HO, has been questioned by a few of the KFN ladies.

Why did i give myself this title? Why when i have nothing referencing purses on my site? this is true. I don’t. If i was thinking clearly, i should have called my self HelloKittyKnitter. Shoot…that is available. hahaha. anyway…. I thought Purse-Ho was hilarious. When i set up this blog in July of 2004, i was in the midst of making alot of felted purses and i thought “im’ going to do one EVERYDAY!” yeah right. they get so boring after a while. ;) hahaha. plus…i LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy purses/bags. this has been a lifelong issue for me. maybe my name should have been BAG-HO.

I get this sickness from my mama. My mama is a purse ho as well, but i’ve taken it up a few notches from her. She’s a shoe ho too…but many women claim this title. i go through periods when i buy a new purse every week. I haven’t done that in a while….sometimes i find one and i stick w/ it for a long while. sometimes i think i’ll stick with it, then i realize it’s flawed in some way (falls off my shoulder, not big enough for my crap) and i go on the hunt for another one. But i love cute bags too. i always have knitting, reading, etc…just STUFF to carry. and when i travel, fly, whatever….oh man..i love getting a new bag for another little trip.

my criteria is usually the same. I rarely buy EXPENSIVE bags…such as Coach, Dooney and Burke, Fendi…the way i go through bags, it’s very wrong for me to buy expensive purses. i do have ONE coach bag that was given to me as a gift. I still have it. i can’t part with it, but i don’t like it enough to use it all the time.

  • I rarely buy one over $30
  • I prefer smaller, not-so-heavy purses
  • i realized I prefer something that crisscrosses over me rather than a shoulder bag b/c purses don’t stay on my shoulders.
  • I would buy small backpacks instead, but i’ve had an incident where someone tried to steal something out of my bag while it was on my back.
  • I prefer open bags to closed ones.
  • I hate velcro, i dont like zippers. I prefer nice non-snap magnets.
  • I don’t like leather that much b/c it’s too hot on my shoulder.
  • I prefer things easy to wipe off b/c i’m a messy pig.

Bag Criteria:

  • The easy-to-wipe criteria stands here as well
  • I like pockets and compartments.
  • I dont like zippers or velcro here either…tangles w/ yarn and what not.
  • Size is important b/c i don’t like to have to use a small dolly to carry my bag
  • I don’t like mesh bags that much b/c things poke out.
  • It’s gotta be cheap.
  • It’s gotta be pretty cool and different for me to buy it…or else i’ll just grab something i have already.
  • Did i mention CUTE CUTE CUTE??

So because of all this, a suggestion was made that I do THURSDAY PURSE-DAY!! well, THURSDAY PURS-DAY (it rhymes!!!).

If you do a category search for PurseDay…you can see all of the previous entries.  I”m working on making a little Purse Day gallery.  I just need to figure out how i want to do it so it’s not boring. 🙂

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