Tire change – take care of it in advance

In winter, be sure to change your car tires! In today’s article you will learn how to best plan a visit to the garage.

Winter is fast approaching. Car owners are already beginning to plan visits to vulcanization workshops. If the outside temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, we need to change summer tires to winter tires as soon as possible.

Plan a visit to the workshop

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Plan your visit to the vulcanization workshop in advance. Just look at more popular weather portals and make sure when the temperature is expected to drop. We can be sure that the sudden weather collapse will attract crowds to vulcanizers.

Changing tires means keeping us safe on the road. Summer and winter tires are not only of different construction, but above all of the rubber composition. The summer tire has fewer cuts and grooves, which increases the pressure surface to the ground. In turn, in winter tires there are many cuts and sipes, because the tire is supposed to guarantee grip by “biting” into mud and snow.

There are big differences between the tires in the rubber composition of which the tire is made. In summer tires, it is important to maintain rubber parameters at high temperatures. The material is much stiffer. So if the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber in summer tires harden and their grip deteriorates. In turn, winter gums are made of compounds that guarantee low temperatures flexibility. Unfortunately, at higher temperatures, winter tires warm up quickly, become excessively flexible, and the car drives unstable.

Check the condition of the tires before visiting the vulcanizer

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Before going to the workshop, you should check the condition of the tire and tread. Please note that tires older than 5 years should be changed to new ones. We start checking the tire by measuring the tread depth. If it is deeper than 5 millimeters, we can proceed to assess the overall condition of the tire – there are no bulges or distortions. Even the smallest defect poses a threat.

Remember that on the same vehicle axle tires should be:

●      same brand,

●      same size

●      identical construction, i.e. radial or diagonal,

●      load marked with the same speed code and index.

Tire replacement is a significant cost depending on the size of the tire and the manufacturer. The most expensive is not always the best. Before buying, let’s consider how many kilometers we will travel, on which roads. If you are traveling on snow-cleared roads in the city, it is worth considering buying all-season tires.

The purchase of 4 new tires costs about 1000 PLN. At Lord Emsworth, every new customer will receive this loan up to 24 months. So you can spread the cost of tires over 2 years, which is a smaller burden on your household budget. Look at Lord Emsworth.

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