thursday purse-day!

hey everyone  guess who forgot to post before she went to sleep last night?!  doh!! hahahahah my bad

I tried to post mid afternoon and got frustrated on my phone.  So then I came home and fell asleep and FORGOT.  I still have a little over an hour to spare.    eeek. hhahaah

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gobble gobble everyone!!!!

This is the first year in my life that I haven’t spent my Thanksgiving back home w the parents.   I volunteered to work a few months ago like a doofus. 😉  It’s fine.  I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to go home every Thanksgiving for the last 15 years.   It was my turn to sacrifice for once, right? 🙂    It’s been a wonderful day actually.  I went to work, got everything done, had a great time w/ co-workers (as usual), then went to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving lunch.  Promptly pigged out.  Zoned out while watching Rocky IV…a very American movie. 🙂  hahaaha.  Came home, went to bed, woke up 4 hours later…ready to eat again. 🙂

And of course, I always have to do what I’m thankful for each year.  What is Thanksgiving w/o a list of things you are so thankful for?

  • My family
  • my wonderful friends
  • My job (or just the fact that I even HAVE a job!)
  • My home
  • The boy

I guess I could be less cheesy and more specific huh?  Eh.  I could be.    hahaahah  but nah.   I’m grateful for everything in my life, good and bad.  And i say this about the bad very sparingly…but w/o the bad, you don’t realize what good is in your life right?    So yeah i’m thankful for that too to an extent. 🙂

I have been knitting, but not much this week.  I have no excuses really except for the fact that I’m not happy w/ what i’m working on at the moment.  Those herringbone gloves are starting to piss me off.  doing the fingers…SUCK. 🙂   enough said.   So i have no WIP’s to show off this week.

I didn’t forget.  The purse of the week!

IMG-20101125-00141 inside.

isn’t this the cutest vintage bag!?!??!  My friend…crazy Kathy (who will never see this b/c she doesn’t know what the internet is!) gave this to me on Tues and I fell in LOVE with it!  It’s a treasure found in the belongings of someone in her family who passed away a few years ago.  They are finally going thru that woman’s things and they found alot of stuff apparently.   Alot of girly crap that I love..hats, gloves, purses, etc.  sigh.   so bad.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. 🙂  Have a great holiday weekend!

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