Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi all.  I hope you are having a good week. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  I can’t believe it’s almost thanksgiving.  wtf?! 🙂

Here is this week’s bag….

cinchy bag cinchy bag flat inside

Does it surprise you that I have hello kitty fabric?  It shouldn’t. hahaah  actually, the bag was made from a shower curtain I decided not to hang in the bathroom anymore.  mainly b/c the boy was always all “OMG i can’t believe you have a HK shower curtain…”   plus i tend to get tired of shower curtains and get a new one when I see one I love.  So i took it and used the fabric for things like my ironing board cover and for the outside of this little bag.  I made this little bag for my friend’s daughter…but i never really finished it.  It’s supposed to have a bow.  bah.  I’m trying to find a picture of the original bag and I can’t find it.  booo.  anyway, i never did the bow so now this bag sits mostly done. hahaha.  it’s a very cute bag for a little girl!!  i’m just not in a good photo mode to take a better picture of it all.   anyway, the sewing pattern is fairly simple!  Sewing is fun, but then it’s not fun (according to Janice).  all the work that goes into cutting the fabric really kills me.  i don’t mind ironing, etc…it’s the cutting that really sucks! i’m so so bad at cutting fabric!

I went to Boerne, TX for Kid N’ Ewe and Lamas too!  I had alot of fun!  I got away for a couple of days and bought too much stuff, ate too much, laughed too much.  It was a weekend of gluttony.   I fell in love w/ something at the festival and I brought it home w/ me….

cricket loom loom

I fell in love w/ the Cricket loom.  I saw all these woven scarves while out there.  I have expressed interest in a loom in the past verbally, but never planned on doing anything with it.  Then boom.  it hit me right across the face and i was staring at it…drooling.  So on the loom is my first attempt at warping and doing a bit of weaving.  I stopped b/c I realized I needed to finish some other stuff before I start playing around w/ the loom, so i just stopped.  I’ll get back to it soon.  Warping it wasn’t hard at all!  and it wasn’t that annoying.  I say this b/c it was the first time I ever did it.   The yarn on the loom came with the box and i just followed the directions in the box as well as watched a few videos on youtube on how to do this. 😀  It’s fun!  I can’t wait to start making sock yarn scarves.  that’s my plan, anyway! hahahaha.

Our accommodations in Boerne were very nice.   We rented a cabin on a ranch that was tucked away in the middle of nowhere w/ a beautiful view of the hill country.  and there was a hot tub on our deck for our enjoyment.  HELLLOOOO!


I did finish another bunny for my friend’s daughter.

babybunny babybunny2 babybunny4

ProjectAmigurumi Bunny by
Yarn: Hushabye Baby by Yarn Bee
Amount Used: half a skein
Color: Light yellow
Hook Size: G (4.00mm)
Date Started: November 8, 2010
Date Finished: November 15, 2010

I would have finished it faster, but i wasn’t really feeling the love for SC over and over again at the moment.  My friend requested this doll for her daughter and she wanted it almost exactly like the last one I made.  That’s the funny thing about when friends ask for things. they want it EXACTLY as i did the last one.  i don’t like doing things EXACTLY as I did before.  i really don’t.  mainly b/c i hate like feeling like a factory where I make only one thing one way.  But whatever.  i managed to convince her that this color was better for her daughter, but i flat out refused to make it in white white.   It didn’t help much that while I was in Boerne, i broke my only crochet hook and I had to wait until the next day to hunt a new one down.  it’s not like it was difficult, but still!  busted up my groove!

I’m almost done w/ the first herringbone glove. why is it taking me so long?  I had to rip back 3 inches last week due to my concerns over the thumb increases.  I really screwed up there!!!!  So i had to rip it back and make it right.  stupid me.  and I didn’t get as much knitting done as I had hoped this week.  Work really gets in the way!!  GRRRR.

herringbone4 the thumb is now proper!

i’m about to do the fingers and thumb now. 🙂 wheee!

ok y’all.  i fell asleep last night and then managed to wake up really early to post today. hahahaha.  i think i’m going to go back to bed for a little while before I have to hit up work.

have a great day/weekend!

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