Thursday Purse-Day!!

HEllo all!  Happy Thursday!  It’s almost the weekend!  WHEEE!!!

Have y’all caught the fever?  The RED fever?  I’m talking about the Texas Rangers being in the World Series!!  I admit, I’m like the biggest non-sports person around.  But I have to say, I’ve caught the fever.  Mainly b/c the boy is so into it and I have to pay attention.  But the majority of my co-workers and some of my friends are reallllllllllllly into the Rangers, esp now since they are in the World Series.   Things are a’buzzin’ here w/ all baseball talk.  I found myself watching the 2nd half of Game 1 w/o boredom.  I actually paid attention and was getting mad as we were losing.  Sigh.  “we”.  i’m not one of those people, really.

Here is this week’s bag:

another BuiltNY bag my netbook is inside. :)

I really need to stop shopping the clearance areas at Target.  Bad thing is that I know where they all are!  I was just browsing, looking for batteries and such on clearance and i found this bag for $5.  how can i say no to a jaunty flower print!?  that’s like asking me to say no to ice cream!! hahaha.

So i got a few things done this week.  last night i got this bug to make a poofy beret….so i found one to make.

puffyhat puffyhat4 puffyhat3 puffyhat2

Project:  Bounce
Yarn: Wool Classica – Manos del Uruguay
Amount Used: less than one skein
Color:  57
Needle Size: US 10 and 10.5
Date Started:  Oct 27, 2010
Date Finished:  Oct 28, 2010

I had some serious issues w/ this pattern.  Looks easy right?  a big poofy ribbed hat?  No.  it’s some kind of special rib and the pattern doesn’t really explain it very clearly how to do it.  So you have to google videos on how to do that stitch.  it looks weird while you do it too.   I’m lucky ravelry lets you search for helpful notes b/c I found some that helped me ALOT.  if I didn’t read these notes, i would have just ripped it all out and thrown it all away.  hahahaa.  I saw jeninchicago’s project page and she had all these helpful notes.  I’m not going to copy and paste, just redirecting you to her project page to see what she said.

When i seamed up the hat, i pulled too tight at the top which is why the top view of the hat looks all weird and twisty.   please forgive me.  I haven’t blocked the hat yet.  But i can’t wait to wear it this winter. 🙂

I finished another little doll too.

tinydancer10 tinydancer12 tinydancer15 tinydancer4 tinydancer5 tinydancer2 tinydancer

Project:  Brisa the Ballerina
Yarn: Berroco Comfort DKSteinbach Wolle Golden Baby, Plymouth Encore Worsted
Amount Used: Less than half a skein each.
Color: Peach, pink, black
Hook Size: D (3.25 mm)
Date Started: Oct 17, 2010
Date Finished: Oct 23, 2010

these are just some quick pics i took of the doll on my desk so i could show my friend the doll I will be gifting to her little girl.  Isn’t this little dancer cute?  I’m still debating about putting on a mouth.  She looks so cute W/O the mouth.  That is the hello kitty lover in me talking. 🙂

I had some issues w/ the feet for a couple of days.  I finally decided to do some searching for errata.  found none.  then i emailed the designer.  no response (i dont’ think she checks rav too often).  i finally got a little frustrated and checked my email for some reason and DUH! I found a revised copy of the pattern she had sent to me when i bought the pattern and it addressed the very issue i had problems with!  BIG DUH!!! 🙂

So i gave last week’s featured bunny to my friend at work.  She loved it.  yay!  She showed everyone at work which is flattering…but i hate it when ppl do that.  You know why?  b/c it invites ppl to ask me to make crap for them.  People i don’t like.  people i don’t know.  people i don’t care to do crap for. 🙂   but then I showed my friend a picture of the doll and she went nuts.  she showed EVERYONE At work that had a daughter.  i was all NO NO STOP IT!  i did it to myself, I know.  but then one girl asked if i could make one for her daughter (for money of course), and i agreed b/c we are good friends.   I had issues w/ ppl i DO NOT talk to asking me to do it.  I know they said they would pay me, but I don’t want to.  I told a lot of those ppl i was far too busy this season to start making dolls for their daughters.   I’ve got a lot on my plate already 🙂

anyway..i think that’s all for now, folks. 🙂  have a great day/weekend!  Go Rangers. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. elisabetha says:

    hahahaha we’re having the exact opposite here in san francisco…it’s orange and black fever!! which is also funny because i thought all the subway stations were decorated for Halloween at first. Until i saw signs all over the place screaming GO GIANTS. lol! not that i follow the game either but the city is all decked out in giant gear these days!

    lol about the doll/making crap for people. i used to get that too from friends…nowadays i just refer them to my etsy shop 😉

  2. Kitty says:

    Hi, I’ve got the same issue with the feet of Brisa, unluckly I didn’t receive the errata because it was a friend of mine who bought for me the pattern as a gift for me (she didn’t crochet) and she said she didn’t received anythign else. I’ve tried to concact the author, but no response 🙁 Would it be a problem for you to send me only the part of the feet? The other parts seem to be right. Thanks!

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