Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hi all!  I hope you guys are having a great week so far.  It’s Thursday!  one of the best days of the week.  Why?  well, for me I get to see my knit grrls! 😀  WHEE!

Here is this week’s bag

badge holder inside...just a few of many to come

This little case is for holding my badges.  I’ve got 3 going on and I am needing to add 3 more to my stack within the next month.  My id holder can’t hold that many cards and I”m so paranoid i’m going to lose one…so i just put them all in this case to keep track of them.  i pray i never lose one.  it’s such a pain to get a replacement!

I got some knitting done this week. 🙂

baby Yoda for baby venegai hey you! the back closed peeky peeky may the force be with you

Project: Seamless baby and Toddler wrap (turned into baby Yoda)
Yarn: Reynolds Cabana
Amount Used: 2.7 skeins
Color:  829 Grey
Needle Size: US 9
Date Started:  September 28, 2010
Date Finished:  October 10, 2010

making the bigger size b/c the sucker was 9 lbs 6oz when born and is sure to get gigantic.

omg i knit half the sweater and realized I was going to:

  1. run out of yarn…this stuff is discontinued and one of the ppl online that has some of this yarn that I considered asking to pay for some or trade for…i don’t like her very much. lol.
  2. this sweater was REALLLLLLLLy huge. I ripped out all the way to the armhole increases and then i ended up making size 0-6mo which was big enough for my 9 mo size doll zoe. Apparently even though I got gauge, this yarn made the sweater really huge.
  3. it took me forever to decide how to do the letters on the inside of the jacket. 🙂 i did them at first at 5-6 sts high and you really couldn’t read what it said. So i changed it to 9 sts high and it came out much better, but I didn’t get the chance to personalize it w/ the baby’s first name. oh well.

i went to the fair to look at my ribbons and eat all the fried food I could possibly eat.  🙂  I had a blast!  My friends and i ate everything we could try. 🙂  Fried butter, fried chocolate, fried frito pie….man oh man.  and i did get my big cup of root beer.  Sloshing in my stomach as we decided to leave.  hAHAhAhaH!

2010 Texas State Fair

I also am working on a jacket for someone I promised I would help her finish like 2 years ago.  EEEEEEEK!    no pics.  it’s boring and slow going.  so of course i started something for me.  a new wimple. 🙂


it’s so pretty so far. 🙂   it’s made of a cashmere blend yarn.  so soft and yummy. 🙂

ok that’s all for now!  have a great weekend everyone!

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