Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello everyone.  Happy Thursday!  Just one more day till the weekend!  Anyone have exciting plans?  I do not. hahahaa.  😀  nothing wrong w /a calm quiet weekend, I always say.

Here is this week’s bag!

I went to the mall this week to replace a watch battery.  Did you know it cost like $25 for a watch battery!?!?!?  WTF???  I remember when it used to cost like $5-$10?  I was so shocked.   Anyway, while i was wandering around the mall waiting for them to do that..i wandered into Hot Topic.  sigh.

hk backpack back hk back

Isn’t it cute?  i really fought the urge to get it b/c it’s white and all….but standing there for about 15 min sealed the deal.  sigh.   It’s super cute.  Will I ever use it?  Maybe not.   I’m actually having a bit of buyers’ remorse and I might take it back. 🙂  sigh.

I haven’t sew on any buttons onto my Hey, Teach cardi.  i think i might ending giving it away to a friend that it might fit better than it fits me.  Am I crazy?  Sure.  hahahaa.  I could tell myself that I need to lose 10 lbs to make it fit better.  Is that realistic?  it is.  But who knows.  Sometimes I would rather give it to someone who would appreciate it better than I could.  Ask me later.  I might have changed my mind. 😀

So I’ve been knitting a bit.  I cashed in on all those urges I had last week and I’ve had some successes and failures.


Baby jacket/sweater

My friend Becky at work managed to adopt a baby last week.  Well, she’s in process.  But a baby pretty much fell into her lap.  It’s something we’ve joked about for years, but never imagined would actually happen.  I got the txt about it on Fri, so I had to run up to work just to hug her and gabber with her about it.  If there was anyone more deserving of a child, it’s Becky.   I was high about this for days.  When I saw the pictures of her going home w/ her new son, I just started weeping tears of joy.   So on Fri night I started a cute baby sweater i’ve been wanting to start for a while.  She’s always loved asking me what I was making, what i was working on, etc….always in amazement.  I kept telling ppl at work “OMG i can’t knit fast enough! I had no time to plan/prepare!”  hahah.

snug7 snug snug2 snug3 snug4

Project:  Snug
Yarn:   Reynolds Cabana
Amount Used: 2 skeins
Color:  829 Grey
Needle Size: US 9
Date Started
:  Jul 24, 2010
Date Finished:  Jul 29, 2010

I put the jacket on Zoe first and it barely fit.  This project is made for a newborn-6mo baby.  Zoe is a 9 mo size (supposedly).   I put the jacket on Bitty Baby and it was way too big.  But Bitty Baby is like a preemie size.  Shockingly, I have no doll that is an in-between size.

I don’t know what I did, but the jacket didn’t turn out exactly as planned.  the jacket doesn’t meet up in the center.  it’s really off to the side.  It’s still cute, mind you.  haha. just not what I expected.

The construction of the jacket is pretty genious.  I recommend it.


Leyburn socks

As i was rolling up the yarn for this project, my swift freaking broke and all the yarn just collapsed.  So i tried to keep going with the winding…yeah i just ended up w/ a huge mess.  i was getting so pissed off i cut off ONE section to make a gauge swatch.  Lucky for me, my dear friend Mary loves to untangle stuff.  She’s weird huh?  hahahaha.  She untangled it all for me within a day or so of me asking, thank goodness. 😀   The color is really fantastic.

The gauge swatch I made on US 1’s was way too small.  So today I plan on making another gauge swatch on US 2’s or US 3’s.  We’ll see what happens.


Haruni Shawl

I was really pumped up about this project.  I rolled up the yarn (Skacel Merino Lace), cast on and realized the yarn is WAAAAAAAAAAY too thin.   Someone else on rav did it w/ this yarn and doubled the yarn…had more than enough.  So i  split up the yarn and doubled it.  was feeling ok about it until I knit about 20 rows and I realized I HATED how it felt.  I kept going though…but i felt it was lacking.  The yarn didn’t have any kind of sheen.  it felt like ….burlap to me.  So on Sunday, Barb said “If you dont’ like it, rip it out.”   Agreed.  So I did.  I restarted it with Louet Gems and OMG!  it feels sooooo goooood!!!!


I think the rich navy blue color is fantastic too. 😀  So i’m pleased with how it’s turning out so far.  Ask me tomorrow.  I might change my mind by then 😀

i Think that’s all for now.   Texas State Fair entries are due soon.  I’ve decided to enter more than just the baby blanket.   Hey did you know there is a Christmas stocking category?  WHOO HOO!  i might do one just for the fair, or submit the one I made for myself this last year. 😀  Haven’t decided yet.  I think a Santa stocking w/ a big fluffy beard would be nice to submit.  we’ll see.  i’m on a knitting high right now…so i might change my mind.  Do you see a repeating theme here?  hahah

have a great weekend everyone 😀

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