Thursday Purse-Day! :)

Happy Thursday everyone!   I hope your week has been going well so far.  Just one more day until the weekend. 🙂  yipppee!  actually, not for me.  i work all weekend this weekend.  So boooo! haaha

This week’s bag is a cute one!

Choochoooooo! choo choo caboose! inside :)

This is a gem from P-La!  I think she was clearing out her stash and decided to give these away!  She crazy huh??  I snatched it up right away! WHEEE!  It’s super cute!!

I’ve been a bit of a busy bee this week.   I have a friend at work that is having a baby soon and her shower is on Friday!  Before she got pregnant, she had this long list of things I “needed” to make for her if she were to get pregnant.   I said “sure sure…whatever you want!”   hahaha.  doh!  So last week I realized I had ONE week to work on all the stuffs! EEk!  i got a few things done though. 🙂

Item #1 – Baby Booties

Just grabbed some yarn that was sitting on my desk and I made the booties.  They are extra small and adorable. 🙂

booties4 booties2 booties booties5 bootie soles

Project:  Oh! Baby Baby Booties!
Yarn:  Red Heart Heart & Sole
Amount Used: 1/4 of a skein
Color:  3935 Tequila Sunrise
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started
:  Jul 8, 2010
Date Finished:  Jul 10, 2010

Item #2 – Baby Cocoon

This is something that was on the request list.  We saw it on a baby at work and she made me promise if she ever had another baby that i WOULD make her one.  Most of the time I keep my promises. 😉 hahahaha.  This was a very fast knit.

cocoon5 cocoon4 cocoon2 cocoon

Project: Button-Up Baby Wrap
Yarn:  Sirdar Super Nova Super Chunky
Amount Used: 1 skein
Color:  038 – blue
Needle Size: US 11
Date Started
:  Jul 11, 2010
Date Finished:  Jul 11, 2010

Item #3 – Baby Crown

I promised one of these to her to her older son like a year ago and never made it.  I figured I would make one for the baby and a matching one for big brother closer to the day so they can match at the hospital together if that’s what she chooses to do. 🙂  It’s a little big.   The first one I ever made was so small it barely fit a preemie baby.  So i increased the sts by 6 sts and it’s a little big, but babies grow. 🙂  they don’t shrink!

front top right left

Project: Fit for a King / Queen Crown Newborn
Yarn: Reynolds Cabana / Lion Brand Cotton Ease (trim)
Amount Used: 1 skein / smidgen of a skein
Color: 829 grey / yellow
Hook Size: I
Date Started
:  July 11, 2010
Date Finished:  July 11, 2010

So….last Fri i was talking to janice and got a big hair up my butt and decided “I’m dying the blanket TO-NIGHT!!!!!”  I went to Janice’s house and shopped her dye stash.  She let me take home some supplies and some dye.  I decided on Golden Ochre as my color.  That was it.  THis was the decision!!  WHEEEE!

So i get home…and researched HOW i’m going to do this.

I looked up the instructions on how Shipwreck was done b/c I remember P-La did this shawl.  She knit the shawl and then dyed it.

So you just mix the dyes, dump it in a big pot, bring it to a simmer, throw in the shawl/blanket…let it simmer for 30 min until the dye is soaked up and the water is clear…rinse…dry.   Simple right?  Janice already had a batch of dye mixed up, so I used that…then I mixed another batch b/c it wasn’t enough liquid.

As it was simmering..i took a gander at it and I was all “huh.  it’s so dark.  Maybe it will lighten up once it’s rinsed!!!”

Rinsing…it’s still really dark.  but the water is rinsing goldenrod yellow.   “huh.  it’s still so dark.  Maybe it will lighten up once it’s dry!”

It’s dry.  “Huh.  this is really F’ing dark!!!”

Laugh at me.  everyone else did. 🙂

dark blanket obvious

on a good note….it really does cover up the color change in the previous picture. 😀 hahahahah

Ppl say this could be a UT Longhorn blanket.  I’ve had a friend at work offer to buy it from me for her grandson that is due in October and they are UT fanatics.    We’ll see. 😀

I talked about Hey Teach last week and how i was going to use that lavendar colored Cotton Fleece to do it.  I did a gauge swatch and got the same gauge as i did w/ the red yarn!  I was unhappy w/ the choice.  Then janice said “just do a bigger size in the red yarn!  the lavendar color doesnt look good on you.”  she’s so smart.  I dont’ know why that didn’t occur to me.  Maybe b/c I liked saying “I’m making size MEDIUM”. hahahaahh

I just finished the back piece today. 🙂  what do you think of the color?  I LUUUURVES IT!!

heyteach2 heyteach

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima Cotton. 🙂   wheeee!  It’s so beautiful and shiny!

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