Thursday Purse-Day!

hi everyone!  happy Thursday!  I hope everyone’s been having a decent week. 🙂

Here is this week’s purse!

a cute going-out purse. :) hehe a purse within a purse

Thank you, Debbie for providing this week’s bag. 🙂  Isn’t it cute?  Debbie went to Sam Moon today for the first time (her cherry has been popped) and she said she saw this and thought of me. 🙂  hahah. Thank you, Debbie!    She also picked up another gem for me.


OMG!  i’ve always wanted one of these, but I never actually bought one.  hahaahah.  She said i would probably need like 4 of them and she’s probably right. 😀   But thank you, Debbie!  I can’t wait to use it!


Today is my 33rd birthday.   Man.  I don’t like saying “33” for some reason.   I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it.  At least I have stopped thinking “I’m TWENTY—….uhh..” when ppl ask me how old I am. 🙂  oh but anyway, that’s why I was gifted some gifties above. 🙂   It’s been an interesting year.   Mostly good w/ some sad/bad sprinkled in.    Thanks to friends from the Simpatico group that have already helped me celebrate my bday on Weds. 🙂

This has been a very unproductive knitting week.  On Friday I decided it was time i peeled all the wallpaper off my half bath downstairs to prep it to paint.  It took me Fri night, Sat night and Sun night to scrape and peel all that freaking wallpaper off the walls.   I looked up all this information on how to do it properly and everyone said to score it then spray it with a fabric softner and water solution.  Well, I scored it and bought some solution at the home depot.  the solution didn’t work for me.  waste of money!  I want my $6 back! hahaha  And i think scoring didn’t help me much either.  When i started peeling, it just peeled off in little pieces.  I think if i did NOT score, the pieces would have come off more in sheets more than what happened.   This is a tiny little bathroom and it took me ages to do this. hahaha.  I even took the toilet tank off the top of the toilet to get to the wallpaper behind the tank!  and I managed to pull off a big mirror off the wall w/o any issues.  It was a very interesting and a big learning process for me.   I was finally able to prime and paint on Sun night / Monday afternoon-night.   never again.  hahaha.  i’m never doing this again!!  thank goodness this is the last bathroom in my house that needed ‘redoing”.  bah!!

Oh but anyway, I moved the baby blanket to a 60″ needle (which is still too short) and have been trucking on the feather and fan a bit.  here is some progress pics:

sleep baby hush baby center

I have another blanket I promised someone I would help with in progress, but it’s so boring.  Just garter stitch.  UGH.   I was going to try to focus on just that, but it’s so boring, the yarn stick to the needles and there isn’t much gliding in there w/ the yarn on the needles.  I have to constantly put the needles down to shimmy the yarn around on them and it’s really frustrating and stupid.  there has to be a better way…..

that’s all for now, folks.  Thanks for tuning in. 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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