Thursday Purse-Day!

Hello my friends.  Thank you for coming back for another update. 🙂  I hope everyone’s week have been going well.

Here is this week’s bag!

hello kitty MAC bag see?

This is a little makeup bag i got from MAC last year when they released their Hello Kitty line.  It’s just big enough to put some lipstick and other little things in there.  I had a little container of perfume in there and it spilled all over this little bag.  And now i can’t get away from that perfume smell.  Sometimes it takes me a long time to sour on a fragrance…sometimes i get sour right away.  not sure if i’m sour yet or not on this one…but I haven’t worn the perfume since it spilled in this little bag. 🙂

So dye day at Monica’s on Sat was a TON OF FUN!!   I had never had a chance to attend the previous ones.  The first one ever happened the week I found out Sassy was sick and i was not in the right mental state to go.  The second one happened when I was out of town for my cousin’s wedding.   SO…i had a blast!  i did NOT finish my shawl in time to get it dyed.  It didn’t keep me from trying.  i was knitting it AT Monica’s house to try to have it done so i could soak it and get it done!  I could have had it done, but i got too distracted on Fri and didn’t knit much on Fri.  So my confidence in having it done was squashed. 😀  ooops.

here are some pics from the event:

Lisa and Rachel prepping beautiful Janice running around my unfinished shawl. :( Rachel and Debbie my yarn and Kathy's yarn prepping MEEEEEEEEEAT!meat! some brushes and colors look at all that pretty yarn little bit too much white? My yarn (amongst others) some huge roving in the pot steam!plethora of colors I was trying to be artsy w/ the shot here Janice got so excited she dyed her foot pretty peggy's socks

Thanks again, Monica and Don for hosting!!

I managed to bind off on the shawl about an hour after I got home from all this.  🙂   So the shawl is done, but I STILL haven’t decided on what colors I want.  Why am I making this SO difficult?? 🙂

shawl3 shawl4 shawl2 pretty leaves

Yarn Knit Picks Bare Merino Wool, Silk Sock
Amount Used:  1.5 skeins
Color: natural
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: April 16, 2010
Date Finished: pending on color choice and dying date

I love the pattern.  it’s VERY easy and well written.  and it’s so simple, but beautiful.  I love the sample in the pattern, but I didn’t want to copy the colors there.  i was leaning toward an indigo/purple + olive green?  But i’m not so sure now.  I need some input. 😀   I debated about kool-aid dying it, but then i thought…nah.  so i don’t know. 🙂  janice said she would mix up some colors for me when i decide.  I just need to decide.

i started my state fair project as well.  I’ve decided to do a baby blanket this year.  no more shawls!!  Esp since the Texas State Fair tends to judge unfairly in the shawl and/or lace category.  I refuse to be shot down by Big Tex again this year in that category.   I saw the Lullaby baby blanket in the St-Denis magazine and fell in love with it.  it’s like a big shawl for a baby. 🙂 hahahaha.   so far so good.  i started it last night and I’m almost to section 2.


I did a bit of sewing this week since my sewing machine was out and i just was on a roll.  i tried to have a little bag ready by today, but I got tired of all the cutting and the sewing.  Cutting really does suck!!  i love ironing and I love sewing, i HATE cutting all the fabric!  ugh!  so anyway…i had bought an apron kit that i found this week while digging thru fabric and I finished it in an evening.  it’s so cute!

new apron

I also decided to recover my ironing board.  yes, I know you can buy ironing board covers.  but I saw a fairly easy tute online and thought I would give it a whirl with an old Hello Kitty shower curtain I was no longer using.

ibc ibc2

It took me a few tries to get this right, but I finally got it done and i’m pleased w/ how it looks 😀

That’s all for now, folks!  have a great weekend!

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