Thursday Purse-Day!

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope y’all have had a good week so far.

This is this week’s little bag!

Chococat! back view inside

This is the cutest little coin purse/card wallet.  It’s big enough to put a few cards in it and some cash, change and maybe some chapstick. 🙂   I’d never seen a coin purse like this one before and I had to get it (duh).    I love coin purse clasps.

I’ve been knitting, but i’ve got knitters’ ADD right now.  I started a mitten project and finished the left mitten before I realized I made a mistake throughout the 2nd half of the mitten.  I’m not going to rip it out and re-do it.  I figured I could “correct” the mistake…but when I tried it proved to be a  little more difficult than I expected.  So …. i don’t know what i’m going to do.  The gauge is too tight on it as well and it’s puckering a bit.   As much as i LOVE fair isle…that is my complaint about how I do fair isle.  Sometimes i don’t loosen up enough when I knit and it ends up all puckered and I find that quite annoying. 🙂 i’m hoping blocking it out is going to fix some of the puckering.  but after I soaked it and everything, it didn’t seem like that was going to happen.  I need some mitten blockers.  Need to buy some plastic placemats so I can make some.

So anyway..i wasn’t feeling the love for the colors of the yarn.  well, I wasn’t feeling that the colors were appropriate for the recipient, so I restarted with a diff. yarn, diff. color and a renewed sense of keeping it loose. hahaaha.

here is the completed left mitten (starter set):

left top left palm side BIG mistakes!

I’m trucking along on the *new* mittens.  I’ve already finished the left one and I’m pleased w/ how it’s turned out.   I should have the set finished by this weekend.

i did a bit of baking this week.  My co-workers were complaining that I never bring food to work to bribe them for their love and affection.  The conversation turned to cinnamon rolls and banana bread.  i told them I had a banana bread recipe I saw and wanted to try.  Mainly b/c i love banana bread and it looked super easy.  it was super easy!  just as easy as a box mix!!

banannnnnnna! demolished by co-workers.  it looks like an animal got to it. check out the crumbs on the floor.

i had some weird issues w/ taste last week.  Everything i ate tasted bad.  I don’t know what was wrong or whatever…but everything either tasted burnt or had a weird metallic taste to it.  so when i tasted the banana bread…it tasted bad.  but everyone at work liked it. 🙂  that makes me happy! 😀   I made some pumpkin gingerbread too on Monday and took it to the Simpatico group today where they all ate it and said they liked it.  Which is good.  I can’t keep stuff like that at home too long or else I will end up eating the whole thing solo.  my waistline doesn’t need that addition.  😀  sadly i did not take a photo of the pumpkin gingerbread loaf.  it smelled so good here when it was baking and it was pretty tasty.  another keeper for the recipe box!

Ok that’s all for now, folks. 🙂  have a great weekend!

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