Thursday Purse-Day!

Hi everyone.  It’s Thursday.  You know what that means!!

I participated in a swap on Ravelry and this week’s bag is from the swap. 🙂

a placemat bag! :)

This little bag was made by Coco!  Thank you, COCO!! 🙂  She said it was made from a placemat. awesome.  I love the ladybugs 😀

She made me the bestest swap package!  We were both a part of the BBT Swap on Rav (Big Bang Theory).  She put the package I sent to my swap partner to shame.  She put so much thought into it all. 🙂

BBT swap

So i finally finished the Danish Tie Shawl.  😀

Front view back view to the side other side back lifted up so you can see the ties. :) looks like a manta ray

ProjectDanish Tie Shawl (rav link)
Malabrigo Lace
Amount Used:
1.5 skeins
Color: 126 Brilliante
Needle Size:  US 4 / 3.5mm
Date Started: Dec 23, 2009
Date Finished:  Feb 1, 2010

Please ignore the unweaved ends in some of the spots. hahaha.  i’m horribly lazy.   this is a great pattern.  so easy, but a bit boring at times.  What would I do different?  use bigger yarn and bigger needles.  maybe  malabrigo worsted.  This seemed to take FOR-EVA!!  but i love the shawl.  it’s so soft and butterrrrrrry.  mmmmmmmm.  and the colors attract so much attention.  not that I need attention or anything…but you guys know what i mean! ahahah  me <3’s it.

I have alot on my start list that i want to do RIGHT NOW! hahaa.  i did start on a new shawl for a friend who needs alot of prayer right now.  She had a family tragedy and all I can do is think good thoughts for the family and be there for them if they need me.  My friend’s bday is coming up and she’s been asking me for a shawl for like 2 years now.  I figured this would be a great time to make a crochet entrelac shawl for good thoughts and stuffs.

crochetentrelac2 crochetentrelac

I have some issues w/ how the pattern is written.  it’s a little complicated.  not impossible, but it’s weirdly written.  i want to have this done by next week which is when her bday is 🙂  tee hee.

I saw a cute little girl today (HI TIERNEY) w/ the cutest little ear flap hat on her head today.  it made me want the hat so bad.  I must make one similar.  since it’s cold here right now…i want to start it right now. hahaha. hopefully i can have it done fast so i can wear it.  which pattern to use though…no idea.  there are so many ear flap hats to choose from. 🙂 all i know is i need to choose yarn that won’t itch my poor head. 🙂

I still haven’t finished the R2D2 doll b/c i don’t feel like cutting out all the felt to embellish it.  So i’m trying to think of a way where i can duplicate stitch all the colors on…which means knitting the doll…which means i have to make up my own pattern. hahaah. we’ll see how that comes along.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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