Thursday Purse-Day!

Hey everyone! 🙂  happy Thursday!!  one more day till the weekend!!  it’s weird..when i used to work full weekends, i used to just not care about it being mid-week.  Now that I get 2 days off in a row and one day being a Saturday..i’m all looking forward to it now! 😀 hahaah

Here is this week’s bag…this is for Debbie and Lee. 🙂

covet it. :) side view full of my stuffs :) holigram :)

Look at the holligram 🙂  isn’t it cute?  Charmy Kitty!  Who knows how she is related to Hello Kitty?  distant cousin maybe?  who knows.  😀  This is a cute bag I picked up in Chinatown one day when picking up groceries.  heheeh.  super cute and it’s purple.  wheee!!

So I’ve got some FO’s this week to show off! 🙂

I made a hat for someone new in my life.  I loved how it turned out I turned around and made one for myself as well. 😀  tee heee

bfhat1 love the decreases!! side view love it. :)

myhat myhat2 myhat3 myhat4

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBerroco Comfort DK
Amount Used: 0.75 skeins
Color: Navy Blue (2763) and Beet Root (2760)
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started
:  Aug 19, 2009 & Aug 21, 2009
Date Finished:  Aug 20, 2009 & Aug 26, 2009

I love this hat.  LOVE IT.  i’ve made a few of these and yeah…the ribbing is a bit  boring, but the decreases make it exciting at the end. hahaahaha!!  I love how it came out in the DK yarn.   I think I’ve been converted.   to adjust the pattern b/c of the needle size difference and yarn weight…i just cast on 120 sts and followed the pattern as written.  I actually knit the straight part to 7″ rather than the 5.5″.  I figured I had to b/c the decreases take less than an inch so I had to account for that.

So last week i wrote that I finished that beret.  I washed it and didn’t block it properly.  I screwed up and stretched it out a bit.  GRRRRR.   but it’s alright I guess.  It doesn’t fit my head right.  GRRRRR.

beret6 beret5 beret4 beret3

Project: #11 Vine and Leaf Beret
YarnOrnaghi Filati Biberon
Amount Used: 1.5 skeins
Color: 303
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started
:  Aug 14, 2009
Date Finished:  Aug 18, 2009

I’m still very unhappy w/ the colorway interfering w/ the lace pattern.  sigh.  Will learn for next time.   it was a fun hat to do though.  MARKERS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!

I started a prayer shawl for someone I know that is going thru chemo right now.  She might not need the prayer shawl, but I”m making it for her just in case she ends up needing it. 🙂

stole colors are nummy

I’ve already screwed up on this a few times and had some issues w/ needle size b/c i picked a yarn weight that doesn’t match what the pattern calls for.  I had to do like 4 gauge swatches before I settled on a needle size.  then I did 1.5 repeats of the pattern before I realized something was wrong.  I decided i hate hate hate patterns that are written out stitch by stitch.  so i charted it.  yeah….i charted it a bit incorrectly.  DOH!!  So i ripped it all out, cast on less stitches than my original adjustment and i’m doing ok so far. 🙂  (Crossing fingers)

I think that’s it for now. 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m going to see DM this weekend!  Hopefully I won’t melt at the concert! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!

  1. Debbie says:

    You forgot to mention that everyone should know THE BAG has been left to me in your will! Silly girl, everyone should know so I don’t have to fight for it. I am a little worried, Lee is a scrapper and I am not sure I can take her. The shawl is lovely and very pretty. Thanks for the Thursday morning wake up laugh.

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