Thursday Purse-Day!! :)

Hi Everyone!   Happy Thursday!

I think today’s post is gonna be a short one. 🙂   I’m SO sleepy!!  And I have to work tomorrow (which is usually a day off for me).   So I am posting before I sleep or else it’ll never get done. 🙂

ANYWHOOO…’s this week’s bag! 🙂

Hello Kitty wallet back of wallet look inside. :)

I went to one of my favorite stores last week and this gem was there.  How can I resist something SO freaggin cute?  I can’t.  That’s why I have it now.  hahahah!

I’ve been working on contract projects all week and not making MUCH progress on them.  I’ve been working on putting together an Escalera jacket for my friend Margie.  I”ll take pictures of it once it’s done.  She asked me to help her before Christmas and last week she jolted my memory that I hadn’t done anything w/ it yet.   whoops.  Lemme tell ya….i’m not digging 3-needle bind-off much anymore having to do so much of it. 🙂  Margie got half a sleeve done, so I need to do the rest of it, do the 2nd sleeve and the collar.    And i was hired to do another Christmas stocking plus redoing the name on an old stocking.   So yeah…Christmas isn’t for a long time, but the stockings are wanted way before Christmas. 🙂

I’m still working on that cardigan for pay and I’m about 1/4 of the way done w/ the body.  I finished the sleeves already…So i’m making progress.  I need to finish. 🙂   I’ll take pics of it when i get more done.  so ashamed! 😀

I have an FO to show off.  I finished this months ago.  I meant to block it and take pics…but I never blocked it.  I found it when i was putting some things away and I remembered I needed to block and take pics.  Well, i got half of that to-do list done. 🙂

Front view right view left view close up of the unblocked cupcakes. :) aerial view

Project: Have a Cupcake Hat (Ravelry link)
YarnUniversal Pace
Amount Used: about 1/3 of each color
Color:  Purple varigated, Purple, charcoal Grey, Beige
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started: Sept 30, 2008
Date Finished: Oct. 3, 2008

I did this hat when i was on vacation in Canada visiting the family.   Since my grandparents’ house just had VERy basic cable, i sat there knitting as my brother cursed at the lack of tv and internet in the house.   I got alot done!! hahaha.  I tried to pick non-pink colors for this hat to be a bit different..make it a darker….I guess more “adult” hat.  i think the colors I picked matched each other too closely b/c some of the cupcakes just kind of blend.   and I think I would have gone down a needle size just b/c I’m a loose knitter.  I made this hat originally for P-la. 🙂  I’m not sure if she’s still going to want it or not.  hahha.

I made some DPN holders this week as well.  I seriously have some ADD going on right now. 🙂

hello kitty DPN holder made for friend Iris if she wants it. :) bw hello kitty DPN holder <3 socks <3 Napa Cabbage for Aubyn.  it's a bit too long <3 mitts <3 trying to be fancy

I really love those colorful Hello Kitty beads.  i think they are just so cute even though they aren’t authentic. 🙂

So since I took that sewing lesson last week/2 weeks ago…i’ve been finding lots of things I want to make.  What to make first?  I do’nt know!  I’m salivating at all these patterns and fabrics I’ve been finding.  But I’ve been finding myself gravitating toward 70’s prints that have come back.  I remember how when i was a pre-teen/teenager how much i hated all those old prints.  now i <3 them! 🙂  i washed some fat quarters I had at home and just dried them on my stairs railing to save energy (not using my dryer).

laundry line i think i love the one on the left more

I think I’ll make something this weekend! 🙂   have a great weekend everyone!  I’m off to sleep!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!! :)

  1. nanc says:

    Wow – the inside red color of that wallet is jarring, but cute. And you did awesome with the dpn holders. I, too, like the colorful HK beads. Good job.

    I’m not certain how I feel about the cup-a-cake hat. Are you bringing it tonight to see in person? (Don’t forget the Kuryeon.)

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