Thursday Purse-Day!!

**warning:  This might be a picture-filled post today.  😀

Hi everyone!!  Happy Thursday 😀

Here is this week’s “bag”.

Toothpick holder toothpick holder :D cool huh?  shows you where the toothpicks go! :) and a handy mirror for you to look at! check it can see me taking a picture :D

Cute eh?  hehehe.  I fell in love w/ the fabric on the outside.  Of course this is something that is super cute, I had to have it.  Asian people are obsessed w/ picking their teeth.  Well not ONLY Asian ppl…but I know in my family, everyone is constantly grabbing at toothpicks, covering their mouths w/ their free hand and then digging away.  So this little item is just cute-sy and functional!  🙂

My knitting progress this week has been a bit lame.  Well, I finished 1.25 sleeves on that cardi I need to hurry up and finish.  I knit on Sat night while watching alot of stand up comedy and just laughing laughing.  Every time Chris Rock’s stand up is on tv, i HAVE to watch it b/c i just laugh until I pee my pants.  He’s such a riot.  anyway, i’ve been working on some paid projects and I need to motor on alot of those things.  and this cardi is one of them.  So i’ve put some of my personal projects on hold for a little bit.

first sleeves I love big fat stitches!

Look at this little thing I got a month ago:

bootee blocker

i haven’t made a pair of bootees since I got these, but I can’t wait to try them out.  These are antique!  A BIG find on ebay!  WHEEE!

home sweet home

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of when I signed all the paperwork to close on my house.  Granted, i didn’t move in until end of March, but I had the keys and it was my house on Feb 22. 🙂   people complain about home ownership.  I’ve been happy. 🙂  I hated apt living so much toward the end of it all.   I have made some changes to the house over the last year.  Some very minor, some major.   My master bath painting fiasco was taken care of.   I didn’t blog about it after that post b/c i was pissed at myself.  Pissed at myself for not making a plan of action as to properly paint the stupid bathroom.  So i sat on it….for 2 weeks.  I stared at it…for 2 weeks.  i got more and more mad….for 2 weeks.  I could still see that GREEN underneath the taupe!  and stupid me…since I’m so short, I got paint all over the ceiling at the corners of the room b/c I couldn’t tape off b/c i cannot reach!! So i thought…ok..i will paint the ceiling where i screwed up and no one will notice.  Well, did you know there is like 30K shades of white?  I thought i got the right one until I slapped it on all that popcorn texture and I realize it’s a diff. shade of white.  I stopped.  and stared.  and cursed. 🙂

So i had a couple of options.

  1. call my contractor friend and hire one of his painters to re-do the bathroom for me.
  2. call a very tall friend of mine to come over and help me (he seriously would NOT need a ladder)…bribing him w/ a 12 pack of beer or something.
  3. call my ex* and whine at him until he offers to fix what i screwed up.

*the ex and i are on good terms again.  no lingering feelings of love or wanting to get back together or anything…definitely NOT…we are just friends. 🙂

So i did a combo of 3 and 1.  I called my ex and told him the story of how i screwed up.   I figured he would think it was hilarious.  Plus he used to work w/ my contractor friend and I figured he could give me a good estimate of what the painter dude would charge.  It was going to cost way more than i expected.  So the ex offered to come over and fix what I screwed up.  i accepted.  He owes me money anyway, so i told him this would be his way of working off his debt to me.     So he fixed it all.   I asked him to just start all over.  primer and all.  he did.  he did a great job.  and he did it really fast…2 hours.   Then he offered to do my other bathroom for me.  Striping wallpaper, texturing and painting and changing all the hardware, etc.  I accepted.  He did all this in about 3-4 hours.

pics taken from when I first bought the house after. before guestbath guest bath...i love the sink/faucet sink.  ignore the squeezy nose thing. :) wallpaper everywhere smokey blue GOODBYE WALLPAPER! Peeling the wallpaper.  i sat and supervised. :D it's amazing what a coat of paint can do. :) a better representation of the color

it’s very hard to take pics of a bathroom.   What are the tricks of the trade here?  option #2 was never exercised.  i did talk to that friend though and when i mentioned painting, he just started going on and on about how much he hated painting.  whoops. 🙂 hahaha.  but he did laugh when I told him i got paint everywhere and he said “aw…you should have asked me to help you.”  DOH!

I bought some new furniture and stuffs at Ikea last week.  Well, new nightstands to match my bed, a dresser to match my bed.  and i bought this drawer thingy at ikea so i could store my many pairs of eyeglasses that I seem to have a hard time keeping track of.   After I put it together, i thought…this is so dull and boring.  HELLO MOD PODGE!!!!

pre decoupage ok i was cleaning up and rearranging after putting all this crap together, so ignore the pile of stuff on the dresser. :) many little drawers :) I covered every side but the bottom. I've never used Mod Podge before.  this crap is MESSSY for those of you wondering, that little HK thing on top is a jewelry holder. lol

The theme i’ve been consistent with in my room is brown.  One month I had a pink/brown quilt on my bed, right now i have a blue/brown comforter on my bed.  So that’s why I picked those colors to go on the drawer thingy 🙂  I hate the color in my room so I need to paint the room as well eventually.  and change the flooring.  sigh.  no one ever tells you that homeownership is expensive.  i don’t NEED to do some of these things.  I WANT 😀

Ok i think i’ve rambled on and on enough tonight.  😀  sorry if i bored you guys to death! hAHAHA

everyone have a fantastic weekend!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. P-la says:

    It’s been a year already?!?! Oh my!!! I hope that I can own my own home someday!! Then we can get together and b!tch about how expensive all the stuff we want to do is!!

  2. Nanc says:

    congrats and happy one year anniversary! Yay!

    I love the pic of you taking the picture in the lil’ mirror. It turned out very sharp. Also, those bootie blockers are awesome (but do you even need to block booties?).

    I like the grey-blue shade that you painted the bathroom. that and the new hardware and shower curtain make it all look nice and crisp. good job!

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