Thursday Purse-Day!

First off….fantastic news!!

Our friends NanC and Matty have a new baby girl! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  i kept hoping baby would be a girl, but I had this weird gut feeling she was going to be a HE. 🙂  But I got the call around 4p that baby was born around 3p and everyone is healthy and happy and looking fantastic. 🙂   I’m so happy for them!!  I can’t wait to meet the new member of the family!

Ok so it is Thursday…here is this week’s bag. 🙂

{010809} a new knitting bag...surprise surprise! :)  {010809} there is a yarn feeder orafice. :) {010809} see thru...nice nice

I got this gem at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. 🙂  It was an impulse buy (surprise surprise).  but i think it’s cute! 🙂  i haven’t been using the yarn feeder b/c …well, i don’t know why.  I just haven’t. 🙂  It’s a great portable little bag though!

So last week I complained about my brother’s gloves.  I ended up just using a whole diff. pattern which worked out better for these gloves i think.  I think the color is fantastic. 🙂  and this yarn is so spongy!!

{bruddamitts} my brudda's new mitts. :) {bruddamitts} the finished left one.  Well, the ends need to be weaved in. :)

I do have an FO to show off!

{mmmitts} I love how these mitts came out.  {mmmitts} I just hope they fit. {mmmitts} left mitt{mmmitts} Right mitt

Project: Fingerless mitts
YarnArucania Ranco (ravelry link)
Amount Used: 1/3 a skein?  a little more?
Color: 124 Russet
Needle Size: US 3
Date Started:  Dec 31, 2008
Date Finished: Jan 2, 2008

I love these mitts.  They were super easy to do.  The pattern was written by our own Botgurl.  Super quick and well written. 🙂  I love the yarn too!! OMG!  I want to do a pair of socks out of the remainder.  do i have enough?  yes.  I bought 2 skeins and they come fully loaded w/ lots of yardage. hahaha.  So I should be able to get a pair of socks out of them too. 🙂  I bought some in a purply color for myself too!

On Sunday, our group had a seaming party for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket. 🙂  it didn’t take too long I thought.  I mean, it could have taken WAY longer.  We had a warm home, tons of good SOUP, rolls, and good company and a crapload of crochet hooks. 🙂  In the end we have a seamed blanket. 🙂  it’s so beautiful

{nancs blanket} This blanket had a paparazzi session w/ all of us taking pics of it. :) {nancs blanket} one of the rows I seamed up. :) {nancs blanket} Bot is actually crocheting. {nancs blanket} Not A. Peach is crocheting too!{nancs blanket} OMG SKITTER is actually crocheting{nancs blanket} a seamed up blanket!{nancs blanket} Nanc's the queen of silly faces.

This was a wonderful collaborative effort by everyone.  🙂  The yarn we used was Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight.  My squares were too small and two of my squares were the wrong color.  I’m an idiot.  Apparnetly i heard the requirements.  Hell, I was one of the ppl that was calculating what size they should be.  But we had some adjustments over the period of time we decided to do this and I got mixed up on what the size should have been..  Whoops. 🙂  We all just picked squares to make on our own.  I chose to do all seed stitch squares b/c i’m hilarious like that. hahahah

Yesterday I decided to paint my master bathroom b/c i was finally sick of looking at the forest green color for the last 8 months.  for a few months now, i’ve been debating about what color to paint this tiny bathroom.  Pink?  purple?  some cheery yellow? Blue?  what the hell???  I finally decided the other day a neutral taupe color would be perfect.  I figured that would work no matter what kind of fabrics are hung as the shower curtain, it will almost always match.  decision made.  paint and supplies purchased.  What was I thinking?  i don’t know how to prep a room for painting.  I tried.  i’m just an idiot. 🙂  I don’t cut very well apparently.  My ladder is a short 3-4 step ladder.  I am short.  The extension I bought for my roller is only a 1-2 foot roller.  And i could reach the top, but i kept bumping paint on the ceiling.  im’ going to have to repaint the areas i bumped w/ the paint.  GRR.  The color is better, but I can still just seen the green in my head for some reason.  And I need to paint the moldings white/beige too before I get the full effect.  So …my progress so far.  You know it’s really hard to get pics of a room w/ a 50mm lens. 🙂 hahahaha.  i was too lazy to get my point and shoot out.

{mbpaint} I forgot to take pics before I started.  {mbpaint} new color.  now I need to paint all the moldings. {mbpaint} I really hate this green.{mbpaint} hmm...this pic is a little light.

don’t judge my messyness.   i’m a messy painter apparently.

Ok I think that’s it for now! hahaha.  peace out! 🙂  it’s almost 4a and i haven’t gone to bed yet!  WHOOPS!

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