Thursday Purse-Day!!

Sorry I’m a little late posting today.  I fell asleep last night on the couch and then woke up freezing to death. 🙂  BRRRR!!!!

So today’s bag isn’t too exciting, but it’s pretty funny. 🙂

{tom}  this bag is bigger than me{tom} doesn't Tom Welling look HOT?{tom} of course there is a hot chick (kristen bell) on the bag too

They gave these free at Comic Con in July and if you’ve been to SDCC, you know you go freaking nuts over anything that is free. 🙂  These bags are fantastic for holding all the free stuff you get there.  So it’s so nice of them to give these out.  Tom Welling on the bag makes it that much nicer.  haahha

I finished the Christmas stockings!  I kept true to my word. 🙂  So i finished them on Monday night.  Emailed the buyer on Tues letting her know they were done.  I got an email from her on Weds asking if I could embellish them for her.  When she originally hired me to do these, she wanted me to just knit them and not embellish.  But she admitted in her email that she didn’t want to ask me originally to embellish, but now I guess she is ok w/ asking. 🙂

So I’m happy w/ how they came out…and i’m not happy about blinging them out.  I’m trying not to bling too much, but then I think…well, she likes the original stocking….so i should do as the original was done.  I can’t bring myself to do it as much though.  i’m fighting it.  🙂 sigh.   Tell me what you think…

{stockings} The original {stockings} close up of the original{stockings} close up of the back{stockings} full length{stockings} Triple threat :) {stockings} close up of the santa's{stockings} close up of the backs{stockings}  the new and the old side-by-side{stockings} look at how yellow the white got{stockings} Bling'd up.  I hate the bling.{stockings} One more bling'd up than the other.  I like less bling.{stockings}  what is your vote?{stockings} i do like the snowflake buttons :)

What else am I knitting on?  I have a couple of pairs of Fuzzy Feet i need to have done in time for when i go back home for Christmas for a couple of friends back home.   That’s about it…for now. 🙂

This weekend was a weekend of socializing.  I haven’t finished editing pics of the Simpatico Christmas Party or NanC’s bebeh shower.  If you know my flickr acct, check there occasionally to see if i’ve posted if you guys really want to see. 🙂  I did take some pics of all the squares we did for NanC’s bebeh’s blanket.  I realized this week that I made 2 of my squares out of the wrong color of blue.  Whenever i bought the yarn, I bought a ball of a lighter blue color for a diff. project.  But i thought since it was all in the same bag, it was for the blanket.  What does this mean?  i’m a moron.  thta’s what it means. 🙂

{bebeblankie} so many squares...{bebeblankie} so many they are toppling over. :)

One more week till Christmas.  Is everyone ready? hahaha.   It’s no secret that I don’t buy Christmas presents for adults at this time unless I really see a good gift for someone.  So the only thing i’m stressed out about is getting things done for other people.  It’s nice.  Life has been good since I decided to do this a few years ago.   Everyone should join me and try this.  🙂  hahahaa.   Next year I might start a petition…or a movement or something.  hehehe.

I’m not a TOTAL scrooge.  You know what my fav. parts of the holidays are?  Tasteful Christmas decorations and Christmas music.  I love beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.  I feel like a kid again when I see a beautiful tree.  My tree is no beautiful work of art.  And I just realized I haven’t taken a pic of the tree.  Maybe I’ll save that for next week. 🙂   Growing up w/ FOB parents, we didn’t know alot of the standard nursery rhymes that American kids grew up singing and knowing.  Sometimes when my friends sing nursery rhymes, I have to sit there and wonder wth they are singing.  Nope.  I grew up in a house where the father loved Christmas music so much, he used to listen to it YEAR round.  One of his fav tapes, oddly enough, was the Chipmunks Christmas tape.  He used to pop it in the tape player in the car and make us sing along.  Jingle Bells and Frosty the snowman were his FAVORITE songs besides all the Christmas hymns.

One of my fav. songs and gets me all excited that it’s the holidays is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.   I remember the year this song came out…1994.  It was my first year away at college and as a family, we decided to meet up w/ my grandma, uncle and family in LA for the holidays.  We did all the LA things…Disneyland, Universal Studios, Chinatown.  I remember my brother and I were ice skating near Universal Studios and they played this song CONSTANTLY w/ the video showing above on the big screen above the ice rink.  Of course the video is cheesy and was done before Mariah Carey turned into a total ho. 🙂   Anyway…we just kept skating in circles loving the song.

Ok i’m heading back to bed!  I’m sooooo cold!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. ruth says:

    gift giving stresses me out too. actually, my little sister is turning 21 tomorrow and i was all set to make her “Vintage Velvet” from Scarf Style, until my stupid shoulder stopped working. and i don’t have a backup plan! =(

    p.s. got your card in the mail today.. love it!!!! sassy is so cute!!

  2. Bee says:

    This post totally made my day. I think I’m going to follow your non-gift giving holiday plan next year. I already only just do xmas knits for family which I will prolly continue but think I’ll reserve xmas for the kids. i also totally relate on the whole nursery rhymes… where i grew up, it was mostly brit influenced so i get confused here alot…but i get confused with inches /oz and before yards. Although with knitting/spinning…oz and yards are making lots of sense now. 😉 Happy holidays. Enjoy the holiday season and a happy new year!

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