Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone. 🙂  How is it going?  I’m in another sleepy mode, so this post might be short short.

I got a new bag today.  My good friend Kathy gave it to me! 🙂

{kathyhk} THANK YOU, KATHY!! {kathyhk} filled up already!

I know it’s a cute little bag she got at Target in the dollar section…but i don’t care! 🙂  It’s the thought that counts! hahaa.  And it’s so cute!

So yes…i still haven’t finished the 3rd christmas stocking.  I’m at a point where I don’t want to knit it.  I haven’t touched it in like 2 weeks.  I know…im’ a bad person.  I will finish it VERY SOON!!!!  I need to quit getting distracted by other stuff…other knitting…other crocheting….and Rockband 2 and Guitar Hero.  🙂 I spent the day yesterday (day off) playing Rockband 2 for hours.  i played so long I think i’m getting carpal tunnel.  hahahaah.  sigh.  it helps it was so nice and chilly and made me stay in all day 😀   But i did take a break to snap my Christmas card pics and make the Christmas cards and address them and everything.  whoopie. 🙂  Taking the photo was a challenge.

Anyway…this is some of the things I have done in the last few days.

I love that hat pattern that I made a couple more.  The pink one I did a few weeks ago, but totally forgot to blog about it. 🙂  I made the green one for Petra’s co-worker who is going through chemotherapy.  But i was asked not to make it out of wool.  So I felt Cotton Fleece would suffice. 🙂   I love the color!!!  I wanted to make it for my brother, but my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to b/c of the color.  Crazy old Chinese stuperstitions.

{chemo} awesome decreases {chemo} another view{chemo} cute huh?  I love the green{chemo} awesomeness

{girlbf} I made one for me. :)  {girlbf}  I'm not really this happy AT work. :)  well...sometimes I am. ;){girlbf} my former US history teacher told me it looks like im' going under a CCTV. hahaha

Project: A Hat Fit for Boyfriend
YarnBrown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Amount Used: half a skein?  a little more?
Color: green
Needle Size: US 6
Date Started
:  Dec 8, 2008
Date Finished: Dec 10, 2008

The pink one is made with Decor by Patons…the same yarn I did for the Zeebee hat a few weeks ago. 🙂   Ignore my face in the photos.  I thought I was giving the hat to a co-worker but it didn’t fit her big fat head.  So I’m keeping it. 🙂  So i tried to take the pics before I thought I was giving it to her.   I’m really not THAT happy to be at work. 🙂

So that’s all I have for now. 🙂 hahahaha.  I’ve been a little busy since getting back from the holidays.   I’m not shopping at all this year for presents.  I’m not feeling the Christmas love this year.  We’ll see.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. elisabetha says:

    when i was in highschool i made myself a hat in Family Studies. I chose the colour green because it was so pretty! when i came home my mom made me take off the hat and hid it so i couldn’t wear it again…so i was laughing at your “crazy chinese superstitions”. so true….

  2. ruth says:

    i want the star wars lego game. its finally on sale. yay!
    speaking of carpal tunnel, i totally messed up my rotator cuff. even my trackball mouse doesn’t help 🙁 i can’t even knit!!! (so much for cramming for Christmas gifts) what to do?!? 🙁 🙁
    p.s. your hat looks so cute on you!!

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