Thursday Purse-Day!!

Hello everyone 🙂

It’s a fantastic Thursday.  What does that mean?? 🙂  NEW BAG!!

{target hk}  I got this sucker at TARGET....HALF off.  $7.59!!  WHOOOOOOOO!!!! {target hk} Look inside. :)

I got this sucker at Target this week…HALF OFF.  🙂  WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I’m on full-on Christmas stocking mode right now.  I need to get these suckers done before Christmas.  i’m not worry about not having 2 months to do it…i’m just worried that i will waste time then rush at the end.  So i want to get them done before Thanksgiving. 🙂

Thanks to Mary for her tip on the bobbins. 🙂  Life has been SO MUCH easier!!

No more bobbins...THANK YOU, MARY!

half way done.  where is the fluffy beard you ask?  dont ask. 🙂  it’ll be there soon!

Friday is Halloween.  Anyone have plans?  i do not. HAHAHA.  I’ve never been one to celebrate Halloween b/c I never was allowed to as a kid.  My parents didn’t really know better.  Which is fine.  Last year i tried carving a fake pumpkin.  I wasn’t too good at it and it made a HUGE mess.  So this year..i decided to paint on stencils of choice.  Rockin’ right?  No.  putting these stencils on the pumpkin is a huge pain in the butt.  Then painting them on…EVEN WORSE!! then I worried if it rained, the paint would wash away.   SOOO…i decided to sharpie them on. 🙂 HAHAHA!  I LOVE MY SHARPIES!

{paintedpumpkins}  Jack Skellington and Domokun {paintedpumpkins} a screaming supposed to be pukey pumpkin{paintedpumpkins} Charlie Brown and Snoopy{paintedpumpkins} together

These were fun to do.   My fav by far is the Snoopy and Charlie Brown one. 🙂

This is the extent of my Halloween decorations. hehehe.  Happy halloween!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. ruth says:

    ooh i love the snoopy/charlie brown one too!
    i thought of you the other day when i got 2 handbags discounted at gap. i thought – jen would be happy about these purchases too. it helped justify the purchases for me in my head. haha!

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