Thursday Purse-Day!

hi everyone 🙂  I’m back from the Great White North. 🙂 as promised…i came back w/ a plethora of bags.  here is one…

so all the bags I bought are fake TokiDoki bags. 🙂   this is what i saw when we went shopping on Monday…

{shopping} bags galore!! {shopping} MORE BAGS!{shopping} so many.  my mom and I went nuts!

bags galore!  this is just the top of the escalator.  I bought more throughout the mall.  But you can see why I had a dilemma. My solution?  Buy whatever i want and regret later.  MUAHAH!  i have no regrets…yet 🙂  wait.  i do have one regret.  i didn’t buy any LV fakes . DANG IT.

{toki} TokiDoki!! :) On the mannequin {toki} pink tokidoki! :)  {toki} extreme closeup

Isn’t this a cute  bag?  so pink…so adorable.   My mom was so jealous she had to get one too hahahaahah.  yes, Mommy.  copy meeee! This bag was only $25.

now that I think about it, I’m surprised someone didn’t’ tackle me when i took all those pics of that one stand.   hmm..

So look at what else we saw when shopping….

i want this to be my wedding cheongsam...but i have no neck.  So i must dream

I LOVe this dress.  LOVE.  I love the high collar on it.  i dont dig the colour, but if I had to pick a colour, i would pick Chinese red or lavendar. i want this to be my wedding cheongsam —> BUT!!

  1. I have no neck.  so i would look ridiculous
  2. I am not thin.  so i would look ridiculous.
  3. Teal is not my colour.  So i would look ridiculous.
  4. I am not getting married.  So I really would look ridiculous parading around in a dress like this for no reason other than to look like a stuff sausage. 🙂

But it doesn’t keep me from loving it.  🙂

and look at what else I saw when walking around..

swirls shawl!

Doesn’t this….loook like…….THIS???

I love this shawl.  I have planned on making it for forever now.  This even has the same kind of color variations as the Jojoland one. 🙂 Seeing this just pushed this up on the priority list. 🙂

And look what else I saw when shopping…

crazy shopper

I only snapped her photo and criticized her outfit for my own evil needs. 🙂   but my gawd.  doesn’t her outfit look silly?  my mom was staring at her too and mumbling “OMG….what in the world is she thinking…” HAHAAH!

So…did I buy yarn?  I sure did.  Where are the photos?  Umm…the yarn is in my car and i will take pics of it all later. 🙂  i’m too lazy to go downstairs to get it all now. I will post it all later.  I didn’t buy that much yarn (muahahah!) but quality trumps quantity. 🙂 hahahaha! plus it’s not all for me  😉

But yes..i was a knitting machine this week.  My brother started to get irritated and asked how come I have to knit all the time.  Whatever!  My grandma didnt’ realize I knit (she crochets) and she was all OMG!  what is that?  socks?  FOR MEEEE?  whoops.  then she started going on and on about how she will give me all her old hooks, patterns and some yarn.  I have been asked before where she buys yarn when she lives on a remote tropical island.  My answer?  I have no clue.  Maybe she has bought some on various visits throughout the world.  I’ll tell you this though. Where she lives…they actually STILL have a Ben Franklin’s Crafts store.  We used to have one in ELP, but it closed down like 20 years ago.  I sort of miss that place 🙂
i came back w/ some FO’s.  I will only be showing one today though.   why?  well, one thing I finished I gave away and forgot to take pics of it before i handed it off! DUH!!!

I finished my cousin’s little bunny for her upcoming baby.  I finished a cupcake hat (ravelry link), but it needs to have the ends woven in and blocking and photos.   I think that’s it.

I did finish some Seduction socks. 🙂

{petra socks} sock sleeve info {petra socks} cuffs{petra socks} on sock blockers still :) {petra socks} a whole pair!{petra socks} Petra's socks hanging on homemade sock blockers in the shower

Project: Seduction Socks (direct link to free pattern)
Yarn: Great Adirondack Soxie.
Amount Used: < 1 skein of each color Color: peacock
Needle Size: US 1
Date Started: Sept 17, 2008
Date Finished: Sept 26, 2008

I made my own sock blockers out of plastic placemats 🙂  how awesome is that?  i always want sock blockers in diff. sizes…but the wooden ones are too expensive.  The wire hanger ones are fine, but you can’t make those for big feet. it costs like $2 to make one pair of sock blockers.  can we say…awesome??? hahaha

I can’t wait to gift these tomorrow 🙂
what else is on the neeedles?  Some Jaywalkers for someone. 🙂  A baby yoda sweater for a baby shower at the end of the month.  And 3 Christmas stockings i need to get cracking on.  grrr. 🙂

now i need to hit the hay….at 530a on Thursday Purseday. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!

  1. Petra says:

    Oh my gosh I have so much to say… ILOVEMYSOCKS! Thank you! They are totally worth the wait! Hey, I want that shawl too. I have seen two versions of it… or at least they are similar. There is a crochet one too. I think it’s a Rowan pattern. Do you have the yarn to do it? Your brother is just jealous of your mad skilz! He wants to do it too, but I bet he just doesn’t know where to start. Hee! Hey, and come on… you know you wanted to rip those cheap HK shower shoes off that gal’s foot and run off! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!

  2. ruth says:

    girl you are too funny!!! one thing you forgot to mention with that girl’s look – is her hair. i dunno if it’s fashionable in asia, but those roots are UGH!

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