Thursday Purse-Day!!

How is everyone today?  😀  It’s Thursday!  The week is almost over!  WHEEEE! 🙂

Since it is Thursday…here is the bag of the week. 🙂

{japbag} the print is what got me {japbag} oooh see see?{japbag} and it comes w/ a gigantic keychain :) {japbag} see how big it is?{japbag} back view

I went to the mall today to return some shoes.  I found them in my room in the bag w/ the receipt.  and i never wore them.  i was sort of bullied into buying them at Journey’s.  So i took them back today.  And as i was walking the mall..i stopped by my favorite hello kitty island.  and OMG! the owner was there today!  I used to see her all the time and she would always give me a discount!  well, i hadn’t seen her in AGES! (like over a year!) and she was there today!  So of course we were yak yak yak…and i saw this bag.  and i said OOOOH….  she goes “OOH you like?  I give you discount.”  SOLD.  doesn’t take much to sell me. 🙂  muahahah!

So i finished 4 of those Yoda hats and I never want to look at them for a while again. hahah. as we speak i’m felting them in the washing machine.  I haven’t felted in a front loader in a long long time.  Let’s see if it still works. 🙂  pictures will be posted later.  but last night i decided to crochet a little Airplane Amigurumi for Mary’s grandson Luke. 🙂  He loves planes.  i have been DYING to make this little airplane since i bought the patterns ages ago.  perfect. 🙂 it was a fast project.  I finished it tonight at knit night. 🙂 excuse the grainy pics.  i took the pics at BN so i could give it to Mary before we all left. 🙂

{sky} a cute little plane. :)  SKY SKY as Luke says {sky} another view{sky} Tocks view. :) hahahaha{sky} coming in for a landing{sky} trying to leave...but seems there is a plate in my way...

Project: Soft Toy Airplane
Yarn: Plymouth Encore
Amount Used: 1/3 of red, 1/8 of blue, smidgen of light blue
Color: 174, 1793
Hook Size: Size H (5.0 mm)
Date Started: Aug 20, 2008
Date Finished: Aug 20, 2008

I screwed up on the increases on the body and i screwed up the cone of the plane.  Don’t ask me what I was thinking.  i thought i was following the pattern.  apparently i don’t know how to read. 🙂 i just improvised. 🙂

Last week I went on a shop hop w/ some SImpatico friends.  At Yarn and Stitches in Dallas, there was the cutest little dress there and i HAD to have the pattern.  no pattern was on location…so it was mailed to me.  I received it on Tues and promptly started knitting on it when i got home. 🙂  i ddin’t make much progress b/c i got sleepy and took a nap. hahaah. but i’m getting there.  The picture on the pattern doesn’t do it justice at all.  Sorry, no ravelry link either.  WTF? 🙂

{dress} little miss sunshine dress {dress} the picture doesn't show you how cute the dress is!

I can’t wait to get it done so a better photo can be taken of it. hahaahaha

What else…oh yes!  I got an unexpected gift from my auntie this week.  She knows I knit and crochet and she’s always offering to bring me something from Hong Kong that i can’t get in the states.  This used to apply to Hello Kitty items, but i never really know what I want as far as that goes, so I always tell her don’t bring me anything.  well, she was up in Canada visiting my grandparents and she sent something down w/ my aunt who lives in Houston and ….. i’ll stop here.  my family is VERY VERY anti-mailing ANYTHING.  it’s pretty insane and i’ll stop there. hahahah but my aunt from Hong Kong  got me some HOOKS!!!!!

{hooks} SQUEEEE!! new hooks! {hooks} look i can stab you with them they are so sharp and pointy!

OOOH aren’t they beautiful!?!?! 🙂  they are the clover itty bitty bitty hooks!  you can hurt someone w/ those hooks! 🙂   She got these for me before they were really available in the US.  but like i said, my family is insane and well…it took a while to get these to me.  so i am forever grateful b/c i haven’t found them in any local store and i haven’t really been looking online for them b/c …well…i forgot 😀 hahahaah.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Purse-Day!!

  1. brandie says:

    hi there. i found you from your icon on ravelry! 😀

    i ADORE that hk bag! i am quite the hk fan myself. i just say hello & that all of your stuff is super cute! ttfn…brandie

  2. ruth says:

    aiya!!! you got tons of goodies!! and those clover steel hooks – they look ergonomic too! (my steel hooks are susan bates and NOT ergonomic haha) and i love that little airplane. i really want to make amugurumi, but those crocheted shoes/booties really tired me out from crochet. i miss knitting so much now. 🙂

  3. Fran says:

    Wow! I love your Thursday Purse-Day! I am bag nut myself. Your crochet plane is really cute. That’s a really handy set of Clover hook; you’re lucky. I just found you from Ravelry; you liked my wolverine-esqe avatar.

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