Thursday it’s Purse Day!

Ok i have a sad sad photo of a bag I bought recently.   The bag I was recently using was one of my fake Tokidoki bags…but it started to get too heavy!  I had to shove so much in it and it wasn’t sitting balanced.  So I had to make a switch up.  A recent trip to Target found me a temporary solution:

tee hee.  I took a screen shot of the bag on the Target website b/c it’s really hard to photograph bags WELL when they are full of stuffs. 🙂 Don’t you just love the print???

So with this new kitty in my house I haven’t been able to knit at home much.  that dang cat FLIES at me every time he sees yarn moving and it’s like ATTACK!!!! So i’ve had a hard time finding time to knit b/c i can’t knit at work and now I can’t knit at home (for now).  extremely frustrating! But i did have time to make a bulky weight newborn cardigan.

bitty bump back view on a hanger

Project:  Bitty Bump
Yarn: Bernat Felting Natural Wool
Amount Used:  exactly ONE skein
Color: English Rose
Needle Size: US 10.5 / 6.5 mm
Date Started: Aug 15, 2011
Date Finished: Aug 17, 2011

The kitty likes to chew on needles too.  I used a pair of bamboo needles on this and the dang cat went nuts chewing on them when i wasn’t looking.

Fast knit.  This is a very newborn size cardi.  I’m trying to build up the reserves again. lol.


I”m still working on my cousin’s baby blanket and I need to hurry up.  His baby is due in 2 weeks.  I don’t plan on having the blanket done by the time the baby is here.  BUT..i want to have the blanket done at least soon after.  The original pattern I chose to make…i changed my mind.  My gauge was off and the edging ended up being all ruffly. and i can’t be giving a ruffly blanket to a baby BOY.  so i’m doing a log cabin and i love the color combo I picked 🙂


this is just 1/3 done.  I have to make 6 more squares before I can stitch them together and do an I-cord edging.  Liek I said…i need to hurry.  at least before it starts getting cold in Canada…which is SOOOON. 🙂

So as many of you predicted, I decided to keep the kitty cat.  sigh.  I kept trying to fight his charms, but he wore me down!!!  he’s just so stinkin’ cute and so far he and the boy get along.  the only thing I cannot stand about him is the way he is constantly attacking my feet and biting on my toes.  The boy says he can’t blame the cat b/c my toes look like kibble and bits.  jackass. haahah  he chews on EVERYTHING here!  paper, knitting needles, yarn, my feet, etc.  EVERYTHING!!!  so I’ve decided to call him Chewy Chewbacca.  haaha  not b/c he looks like Chewbacca…just b/c saying “Chewy Chewbacca” is hilarious.   As i type he’s fallen asleep in my lap and i just want to squish him b/c he’s so cute.  Just call me Lenny.  haahah.

I was going to give him away once I got him checked out at the vet and got him some shots and made sure he was healthy before I passed him along to my friend Nanc and family. She told me I was getting attached and I kept saying no no i’m not.  I want to get rid of him!!  she just laughed at me.   And she even emailed me and asked me how the vet visit went.  and I said all went fine.  But i didn’t say “OK TAKE HIM NOW”.  sigh. hahahaha.  I have to admit, i love coming home and seeing this little guy tearing down the hall to greet me.  I love waking up in the morning and finding him snuggled up next to me purring.  I guess i did miss having a kitty cat around. 🙂

Anyway…here are some photos I took of him over the last two weeks.  sorry if you’ve seen these on my facebook account this week.  🙂

he's being a cat scarf as I sleep curled up on the boy's legs.  be very very shocked.  isn't he ADORABLE here??? being a little tiger (Ok just yawning) while sitting on a fluffy pilllow cute overload a tiny 2 lb kitten took up so much room on my bed. he is male...he hogs the remote too.  he's so good at sleeping.  hell he's almost planking here. i woke him up and he gave me the stink eye. :) apparently he's a parrot cat.  riding on my shoulder on the way to the vet. he's gotten so big in 2 weeks. falling asleep on my leg while i watch tv and do work. widdle paws.

have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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