A bit embarrassed…

tee-hee.  I hadn’t been to my LYS in over a week….since last Sun.  I went on a short trip starting on Weds…but i was so busy on Tues i couldn’t stop by.  I felt such withdrawl.  But my friend told the other girls about my blog and when i went to the LYS today…they were all giggling about it.  so i got a bit embarrassed, but i shouldn’t be.  Blogs are supposed to be fun and silly. 🙂

i didn’t get any knitting done while i was gone.  no time, no motivation.  On the plane i just wanted to sleep sleep sleep.  ugh.  planes have that effect on me. 

i still need to post pics of the two little hats i did.  sigh.  i need to take the time to edit all my pics taken within the last week. 

but it was good to see all my peeps at the LYS today.  i never thought being gone for a week from there would feel so weird.  all da ladies are so sweet and so caring.  thanks, you guys.

more finished stuff

I finished two little hats last week. I will post pics up of them soon.

I am currently working on a purse made of Noro Daria. that stuff is SOO slippery!! I wish it was easier to work with. now i’m starting to have knitters’ regret since that stuff cost so much to buy. but i hope it comes out. i guess icould always rip it all out and make a belt. a belt for what reason thougH? hahaha i certainly do’nt need one.

New Blog…new beginning

My friends from the group I hang w/ at the LYS called me a purse ho when i declared i was a purse Whore today. i have so many purses it’s unbelievable. hahaha. So i figured it would be fun to make a blog w/ that nick name.

I have discovered my love for knitting purses. I have made 4 in the last 10 days. And i love each one I make. So i think i’ll be posting my purses and other knitted items here on this blog and hopefully it’ll take the world by storm!! thanks for visiting. 🙂