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Gondertos Personal Loan – draw up to PLN 3,000 for a period of 30 days. Learn all about the lender!


For years, we have been observing a flood of companies providing quick loans in Poland without certificates and large formalities. The rule in this area is that if there is a stay there must be supply. Poles are indebted to power, which is confirmed by numerous statistics. Today, non-bank institutions offer many opportunities to help clients who cannot or do not want to receive it from the bank. One of the most popular brands providing this type of service is Gondertos Personal Loan, and for some timeBardel Loan.

Gondertos Personal Loan and installments

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Both companies belong to Kreditech Polska Sp. Ltd. specializes in loans Gondertos Personal Loan cr tkoterminowych yellow, yellow-called moments wkami,Bardel Loan, in turn, provides installment loans. Their bed lnym al denominator and the goal is to support needy persons.

The process requested at Gondertos Personal Loan is carried out electronically. The money can be used for any purpose, such as a new automobile bed d, repair or kitchen equipment. Gondertos Personal Loan firmly focuses on new communication channels. For example, tracking and liking her Facebook profile gives you extra points when verifying your application.

Basic conditions

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What criteria must be met in order to m o c request after życzkę? First of all, be a Polish citizen living and working in Poland. The borrower must also have completed 18 years of age, an important dow d yellow card and bank account. The company also carries bed requires laying of permanent employment and income. Whether the person applying for financial assistance from Gondertos Personal Loan may appear in the records of the debtor in bed?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Each case is carefully considered. The company does not want to deprive anyone of opportunities at the start. When assessing creditworthiness, various factors are taken into account. It is not said that desired it and ask the person is in the bed dia d debtor in bed, it will be deleted by Gondertos Personal Loan. It may happen that if the customer is solvent, despite entering it in the BIK database, he may receive money.

Age does not matter

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Do older people, for example over 70, have a chance to receive support? Theoretically, there is nothing to prevent the practice, however, one of the criterion of the informal, PR part in and the lack of income by debt, is the age. It all depends on your creditworthiness and the amount of your pension. Sometimes an elderly client, with stable benefits, is more likely to get money than a young person with high incomes. As for loans, there is no rule in this area.

Gondertos Personal Loan awards between PLN 300 and 3,000. Łużenia rump to repay the borrower is from 7 to 30 days. The company approaches each client individually and sets the optimal lending time. Importantly, Gondertos Personal Loan does not determine the highest amount, about kt with Ra can apply the client. Its height depends on many subjective factors in the bed, such as the creditworthiness of the borrower, his credit history, etc.

Time to pay back

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The company Gondertos Personal Loan gives borrowers, kt yellow decisions were not have the money to OEP yellow Now these loan together with interest at the prescribed time, the possibility of extending the period of liability. Variants are three: 7, 15 or 30 days. However, this option is not free. The amount of the fee for extending the period depends, however, on the loan amount, the loan period and the length of the extension. Gondertos Personal Loan reports that for 7 consecutive days the customer must bear 12% of the total loan amount, for 15 – 16%, and for 30 – 32%. For example, if the amount of the liability is PLN 600, the transfer of repayment by 30 days will cost PLN 180.

At the beginning you have to fill out the form available on the main Gondertos Personal Loan website. Then you can log in through your Facebook account, which will significantly speed up and simplify the whole procedure. By logging in through the profile on social networking sites, the company grants the customer a rebate of PLN 25. For those kt yellow decisions were not they want to apply for the życzkę using Facebook, prepared a standard registration.

With the times

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The main feature of Gondertos Personal Loan’s operation is the fully automated and accelerated process of granting money. It boasts, among other things, that employees make decisions in less than two minutes. They work around the clock. , Have as follows instantly transfer money to the account of the borrower. Gondertos Personal Loan working with DotPay, so that the customer can expect a measure of the up to 10 minutes. All thanks to operations express interbank kt yellow’re not require posting. Importantly, one customer can only take one loan at Gondertos Personal Loan.

The company itself says that it achieved a positive recommendation for more than 90% of its customers in the bed. Borrowers like above all the quality and speed of their application and instant decision. Time is money – m ó ó binding SOME providers, the Gondertos Personal Loan and understand how few people. For asset turtle in the company may include the addition fairly forgiving approach to the customer and flexible loan terms.

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