OMG! Thursday and it’s PURSE DAY!!

Howdy folks.

Botgurl pointed out to me that i went two weeks w/o a post…what was up?  Nothing really.  hahahaah.

After the kidney stone debacle I had a very very very busy week at work.  I was so busy that when i got home after the day was up, i went to bed. hahaha.  at least for a quick nap 🙂  So I haven’t been doing much knitting lately.  that’s the main reason why no posts the last 2 weeks.   I’ll have knitting pics up next week.  🙂

I did manage to get a new purse 🙂

purse2 kaidoy7 purse4 purse

Isn’t it the CUTEST evening bag?  Do I need an evening bag?  Nope.  I never go anywhere requiring one.  but i had to have it just in case! hahaha.  it’s just so stinkin’ cute.  Plus, when you go to Sam Moon….you get into that crazy mode where you have to buy everything you see 🙂

So I’m sure you noticed there is a little friend in the photos above.  Who is it???

I’m currently in a trial period with a little baby kitty cat my friend Kathy found.  Her big St. Bernard dog tried to eat this little kitty cat, so she called me and asked if I wanted him or if I could at least take him for a few days to avoid death by dog.  I said no at first, but then I saw him and I couldn’t help but say “well, OKKKKKK….”

I forgot how insane kittens are.  We estimate he’s about 8 weeks old.  He’s been around people.  he knows how to use a litter box and he uses it WELL.  it’s so cute watching him cover up his poop. hahahah. He knows to go to the kitchen to eat and he snuggles REALLy well when it’s bed time.   As soon as I got him home I gave him a good bath and let him know where the litter box was, and he got some crunchies.  at first he just sat on me and did nothing.  I think the heat was hurting him .  (I think we are on like day 34 of straight 100+F heat?)  I think he’s recovered b/c he’s all over the place.  he’s constantly biting my feet!  it’s cute but omg!  and he’s SOOO little i’m so scared im’ going to step on him and kill him!

So the trial period is in place b/c i have only one issue keeping me from keeping this little booger.  He’s a big issue. lol.  and he hates cats.  but I did a little introduction the other day and he didn’t HATE the little kitty.  he actually let the kitty sit on his legs which surprised me.  and he was nice to him.  so we’ll see.  If we can warm up a certain someone, i’ll be naming this little fella and you’ll see lots more of him.

of course I can’t help but take pics of a kitty cat right?  esp one this cute!!

kaidoy kaidoy2 kaidoy3 kaidoy5 kaidoy6 kaidoy9

I’m sick of this guy climbing up my couch!  he’s so little he can’t jump onto the couch, he has to claw it and then shimmy his way up.  it drives me INSANE!!!!!  so i had to get him a scratching post and omg!  he was playing on it for like 2 hours tonight!  it was so cute!!

don’t you just love his sleepy face?  i do. lol

**UPDATE – ok how come no one told me my lightbox plug in wasn’t working anymore?  LOL I was tired of that plug in anyway, so a diff. one is up to help you view pics 🙂

4 thoughts on “OMG! Thursday and it’s PURSE DAY!!

  1. Petra says:

    Very cute purse, and very cute kitten. I may want to borrow the purse! (Not the kitten… i remember how crazy they can get!!!HAHA!)

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