I can’t believe I haven’t posted jack crap in over a month…almost TWO MONTHS!!

Sorry folks!  I’ve had a reallllly busy few weeks apparently!!  Or was it pure laziness?  maybe a bit of both.

I’ll tell you this..i haven’t gotten THAT much knitting done in the last few weeks.  That baby blanket?  It be done, but I am en process on sewing on the fabric backing and i’m having to do it by hand.  BLECH!  I was going to hand deliver it to my cousin up north, but I didn’t have it done in time.   My grandfather passed away on the last day of Sept, so I had to make a very last min trip up north and i just didn’t have the blanket completely ready.  I couldn’t go visit that cousin anyway (opposite side of the family, plus other reasons…), so I didn’t try to rush on finishing it up.  It gives me time to finally do the baby sweater, hat and booties I was going to make to match.  🙂  But yes, my family loss took up about 2-3 weeks of the last month.  plus i’ve been working 6-7 days a week since Sept 1st.  I just haven’t had much time to knit/crochet.  I did work on a few slippers that did NOT turn out as I expected.  Honestly, as much as I tried, I should have THREE full pairs of slippers and a ton of FO’s to show off!  but noooooooooooooo……  ok  ok enough. 🙂

I did buy a new bag this month.  But there is something really odd about it.  well, it seemed familiar…but i wasnt sure why.

I realized tonight when I was going to take pictures of it that I had this SAME EXACT bag already, except in black.  I guess I never took a pic of it and posted it here b/c I can’t find it.  but oMG!!  the EXACT same bag bought like 8 months apart!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

The OG the new one i'm sick i tell you!!


I did get one FO done this month.  I made another Saints Hat for my sweet little friend Quadry.  I finished it and gave it to his mom before I could take a picture.  But honestly? it looks exactly like the last one I did except this was the yarn was doubled and I made it for a toddler.  and I made a HUGE pom pom for it. lol

I’m reposting the original photo, but then I’m posting a pic of the sweet boy wearing the hat that his parents sent to me. 🙂

geaux8 quadry

Project:  Fleur de lis beanie
YarnVanna’s Glamour
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know  — yarn was doubled.
Color: onyx and gold
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: Sept 9, 2011
Date Finished: sept 23, 2011

Isn’t he CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE???? I just want to squish him and love him!!

Oh I did manage to find a day to hit up the Texas State fair to see my stuff hanging up there. 🙂  Here is my entries!

4th place (honorable mention) crochet toys. my fair isle stocking cap

Is it me, or is how the stocking cap hung up totally insane???  I mean I don’t think I would have thought it was  a stocking cap except that i KNEW IT WAS A STOCKING CAP!!!  hmm.   I’m never ever pleased w/ how they display alot of the stuff at the fair and I”m not sure why it bothers me so much.  Not just my stuff…most of the stuff in general.  Alot of the bigger items like afghans and stuff don’t get proper credit to display how beautiful they are when they are kind of heaped up in a corner.  oh well.  that is me.  That’s my problem. 🙂

and I have to show the gratuitous Chewy pics.  He’s getting too big. 🙁  I miss the tiny baby Chewy.  He’s getting big and he’s getting into so much trouble!!!

My lil' rebel!! :) trying to rub the tshirt off of himself. lol he's trying to access porn, but he has no fingers to type with and no touch screen. lol

Yeah I know.  i’m one of those idiots that loves to dress up their pets.  I found that Tshirt at Ross for $2.  how can I resist.  I thought it was going to be too big, but to my surprise it fit him perfect. ;(  That made me sad.  hahahaha.


Thanks for stickin’ w/ me folks.  I wouldn’t blame you if you left me totally due to my lack of posts…but I promise to be better. 🙂

Have a great halloweenie weekend!



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