No purseday but it is Thursday!!

Howdy folks.  I did have a post in mind last week that I was going to put up.  But all day Weds i felt like $h1T!!!  i was in alot of pain all day and i was exhausted.  at night at about 2a i felt so horrible w/ stomach pains, i thought I needed to go to the ER to get my stomach pumped or something.  I talked to the boy and after crying on the phone about how much pain i was in, he told me i better go to the ER or else he was coming over to drive me.  well, i would have been really embarrassed if he drove me for nothing.  So i said fine fine. i would drive myself.

I told the ER nurse that I thought I had food poisoning even though i had no symptoms of food poisoning.  the doctor was all well…i guess we can give you some stuff and scan you….but if it’s nothing,we’ll just give you anti-nausea medication and send you home. fine.  do something!  pleeeease!

i did a CT scan and found out i had kidney stones.  BIG ones.  i gotz big stones.  lol  So they said “we’re admitting you and you are having surgery tomorrow.”  WTF?? WHAT??? i had nothing but the clothes i had on and some knitting in the car that i brought in w/ me to knit in the ER.  hahaaha.   ‘

after the check in and some friends coming downstairs to hang out and say hi….the nurse gave me some meds that made me LOOOOOPY.  botgurl happened to walk in right after i got that stuff and i think i was blabbing alot.  who knows. she can tell you if i was acting a fool.  lol  i was in and out of consciousness for a few hours.  The boy came to hang out w/ me at the hospital for a while.  I had the surgery the next day and all is fine.  I was home by Fri night…and very heavily drugged for the next few days.

I never want to go thru that again.  that was SO PAINFUL!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the doctor today for follow up and got the stent removed (OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW) and i feel 1000% better!   i’m not going thru all this again!  it was so horrible!!  The nurses told me kidney stone pain is up there w/ childbirth.  OMG.  i’m not doing childbirth either!  i’m buying my kid at Kmart! 🙂

I did get some knitting done though 🙂 hahaha.  I did some knitting at the hospital.  many ppl uttered these words:  “You don’t have a cell phone charger or your laptop, but you have KNITTING???”  it was in the car!!! 😀


angrypig angrypig2 angrypig3 angrypig4

Project:  Angry Birds Pig
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: limelight
Hook Size: E hook / 3.5 mm
Date Started: July 2, 2011
Date Finished: July 4, 2011

I didn’t do the eyebrows b/c i couldn’t make them look right.  isn’t he cute/  you can just hear him grunting.  lol  I did not use felt for the nose.  i crochet two circles for the nose b/c i had no felt and i thought that would stay on better.


geaux10 geaux9 geaux8 geaux5

Project:  Fleur de lis beanie
YarnVanna’s Glamour
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: onyx and gold
Needle Size: US 3 / 3.25 mm
Date Started: July 3, 2011
Date Finished: July 3, 2011

This was made for a doctor at work who is having her first bebe.  she’s a New Orleans Saints fan.  So this is perfect.  I was asked to make a hat w/ some pink in it…but I didn’t know how to add any pink to this to make it cute.  so i left the gold and black alone.  it’s sparkly 🙂  hehehe

babysaints2-4 babysaints2-2 babysaints2-1 babysaints2

Project:  Fleur de lis beanie
Yarn:  Red Heart Shimmer
Amount Used:  half a skein? id ont know
Color: shimmery pink and shimmery white
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: July 3, 2011
Date Finished: July 12, 2011

I just had to make a 2nd hat in pink/white.  babies can’t have too many hats right? hahahaha.  this is sparkly as well.


lacehat lacehat3 lacehat2

Project: Lace-Edged Women’s Hat
Yarn:  handspun yarn
Amount Used:  half a cone?
Color: rugged? lol
Needle Size: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Date Started: July 2, 2011
Date Finished: July 5, 2011

a friend of mine asked me to help her knit some hats for her sorority sisters that she’s going to see in a couple of weeks for a big trip they are going on to tibet!  the yarn is wool from a friend of hers that has sheep that she shears and has spun up.  it’s very rustic and rough feeling.  this hat was soaked and washed for a while and then soaked in some conditioner to soften it up.  it helped alot to do that.  you can’t see the lace pattern too well, but i’ve done this hat before as a chemo cap.   very easy to do and quick.

ok whew.  that’s all for now.  thanks for all of you that did know i was in the hospital for your well wishes. 🙂  They helped me alot.  so did the hydrocodone. lol.  but thanks so much for caring you guys.

In all the excitement i forgot that my blogiversary was last week! say what???? 🙂  i forgot until Teena in Toronto told me happy blogiversary last week!  big duh!  hahah.  thanks, Teena!   time has flown by, hasn’t it?  it’s been i think 6 years since i started this knitting blog.  wow.  is that right? shoot i’m too lazy to go back and count. lol  but i think that’s right.  geez.

thanks for sticking it out w/ me, friends. 🙂  I know i’m not too exciting or anything, but it means alot to me that you’ve stuck by me. 🙂

(ok it’s not my birthday and i’m recycling the image i used on my bday…but it’s appropriate! hahaahh!)

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  2. Ursula says:

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stones! No fun, or so I hear. At least you had your knitting and at least it was something more than food poisoning 🙂 I’m right there with you on that one.

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