Monday, bloody Monday.

It’s Monday.  Why am I posting?  eh.  i can’t sleep. 🙂 And I have an FO to show off.  hahhaa.

The weekend was good.  On Saturday i went to a baby shower and a 30th bday dinner.  🙂

What did i take to the shower?  Let me just preface this part by saying…the shower was a Star Wars-themed baby shower.  🙂  I had planned on making this when I found out the happy couple was having a boy.  When i got the invite for the baby shower…i knew this was what was in the stars. 🙂

{yoda} it is finished.  This is how it goes on in the inside. {yoda}  Zoe's picture session again. :) {yoda}  thankyou, Zoe. :) {yoda} What that say??{yoda} May The...{yoda} Force be ...{yoda}...with you. {yoda} yeah i know it looks silly w/ the HK face on top.  i thought it was funny at 4a.

So this was one of the last presents opened at the shower…and OMG.  it got such an incredible response.  I didn’t expect it.  It was kind of an ego boost, I’ll tell ya.   So the effort was worth it for the oohs and aahs at the shower. 🙂  The last pic is of the mother-to-be posing w/ the outfit.  The hat was a HUGE hit.

Project: Baby Yoda sweater (direct ravelry link)
Yarn:  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (stash diving for this one…this stuff is from when they FIRST sold their own yarn)
Amount Used: about 3 skeins
Color: Beige/tan
Needle Size: US 7
Date Started: Oct 10, 2008
Date Finished: Oct 17, 2008

What else is going on?  not much.  hahah i’m so boring.  i have a bunch of Xmas stockings i need to do.  I’m about half way done w/ the first one.  thanks to mary for her tips on intarsia and bobbins, things are going better.  I had to rip out what I had done w/ the first stocking b/c of a dropped stitch that had no chance of being saved.  I feel better about the 2nd effort though. 🙂

And i was bored a few weeks ago.  I did a wordle.  Lost the wordle.  Did another one. found the original.  i chuckled at the differences.  🙂

{wordle} OG wordle {wordle} purseho wordle

ok now i’m sleeeeeeeeeeepy

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