Man i suck

I suck at sewing. anyone that knows me knows i fear the sewing machine. i fear it for these 2 primary reasons:

  1. I don’t understand how to thread the F-ing thing
  2. I’m scared of sewing my hands to the fabric. lol

So i saw these REALLY cute pincushions…and I felt the deep desire to make one. ahhaah Bot-Gurl and I went and did the Hobby Lobby and Joann’s to get fabric and stuffs. That was alot of fun. lol. but i busted out the Hello Kitty sewing machine i got last summer and i actually sat down, read the directions, threaded it up…and got it going.

so here is my first attempt at sewing…please do’nt laugh too hard. i’ll cry if you do. 😉

not bad…but they can be MUCH better. but…another fear has been defeated for now. i kind of want to make other things now. LOL. i need to work on another set of pincushions. the ones in the pictures are so cute in comparison to MINE. hahaah

I got some sad news today. There is this elderly couple that has been in my life since i was 5 years old. They were at the church I attended. I saw them all the time, had so many dinners w/ them….and when i got my licence, i picked them up and took them to church, bible studies, etc. Well, the husband has been failing in health the last few months and I’ve been meaning to go and visit him in health care home he was at in Houston (his daughters live in houston and was moved there around October). He passed away today at like 630p. i called my mom today and i was telling her i needed to hurry up and plan to go see him in his health care home…and i was going to go w/ my brother and my cousin. but it was hard to coordinate a time where all 3 of us could go…esp since my cousin lives in San Jose, CA. All three of us were close to this couple. And all three of us felt so terrible as we got the news today b/c we kept putting off seeing him. anyway….i got the news about it today and i just need to find out when the funeral is next week so i can make my plans to go. sigh..i hate going to Houston…and this is a horrible reason to go. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Man i suck

  1. P-) says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. At least you are richer for having known him and it sounds he was richer for having made a friend in you.
    Your pincushions are cuuuute!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a super day!!

  2. ruth says:

    girl, your pincushions are cute!!! lucky you that you got some time to tackle your sewing machine fear (plus, getting to use your UBER cute HK machine). =) i’m green with envy here. i want to sew too!! maybe in a month or two, when i have more time on my hands.

    on another note, sorry to hear about your elderly couple friends. hope next week you are able to say goodbye and make peace regarding this. *hug*

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