It’s Thursday, but no Purse-Day :(

No purse today folks.  I probably do have one i can photograph and show off…but i’ve had an epiphany this week:

i’ve got TOOO many #$#$* bags!!  (big duh)

Y’all are witnessing history here.  It’s like a crack addict admitting they are addicted to crack.   a breakthru had happened. 🙂

I started the final stages of cleaning out my garage this week and i realize how much room some of those bags took.  So i went through them, keeping the ones I cannot give up, cleaned out each one to make sure no personal information or money was left in any of the pockets/linings.  I found over $100 in all the pockets.   whee! 🙂  But i took a huge box of the bags (just cheap, but still in decent condition)  and gave them to goodwill.  i feel no regrets about doing this.  I feel alot of relief actually.  I’ve reached my ultimate goal w/ that space:  I can park 2 whole cars in there now.  all this time my car fit in there just fine amongst a sea of stuff .  there is still stuff in there (i’m not PERFECT), but i can fit 2 cars in there!  I don’t have to feel the twinge of shame every time a neighbor walks/drives by and stares at my garage.  Granted, I do do that to my neighbors and omg…some of them can’t even park a car in their garage at all.  I’m not that bad.  but i shouldn’t say things like that.  hahaaha.

You know what really shocks me?  how many storage containers I have.  I have a ton of them upstairs too!  why do i have SO MANY!?  i always want to organize, but I cause so much chaos b/c i have this idea in my head all the time of things matching, sizes matching up (very martha-esque).  So i always go overboard when buying containers to store all my crap in.  I have alot of emptys!  which is a good thing, yes.  but it’s weird!  I”M WEIRD!

Amongst all this purging and re-organizing…i found a bunch of UFO’s.  not a ton. 🙂  about 6?   I ripped out 3 of them b/c I will never finish them.  That felt gooooood.

And in those bags i found MORE circular needles.  I swear to you, how can I have so many circs?   i’ve been searching high and low for an organizational system that will work well with me and my needles.    I did the bait bag thing.  and yes…as many needles as I have, i know i was going to need more than 2 bait bags….the jumbo bags (thank you, Janice).  but i wasn’t happy w/ that system.  I had 2 bait bags already, but I was going to need another one.  and I didn’t feel like buying another one.

nothing out there right now can hold and organize all my freaking needles.   So i had to come up w/ my own solution.


Yes.  i attacked Office Depot…one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world.  🙂

Here is a list of the elements I used:

  1. File folder box (item #225624)
  2. Office Depot brand Transparent Zipper Envelopes, letter size, Pack of 3 (item #667805) x 8 = 24 envelopes
  3. mailing labels (i had these at home already)

So i went thru all the needles I could find at the moment and gave each size it’s own folder.  My only regret is not buying a LONGER box. I thought this would be long enough.  it’s big ENOUGH.   but it’s a tight fit.

What i did at first was got some of those 3m file folder sticky tabs so i could easily file through them.  the result is below.


Not bad right?  Wrong.  when you zip open the folder, the tab gets in the way!  it was very annoying and they came off often.  So i ditched those and printed up a bunch of labels and just stuck them on the envelope itself.   excuse the messy-ness of the labels.  my label printer and the labels are fighting about size issues.   so i ended up having to cut them up.


Yes I have size 36 needles.  I have size 50 needles that i found this afternoon in a box in the garage.  those things are HUGE!!!!!!!!  it’s like rowing a boat, I tell ya!

So far this has been working out well for me and takes up minimal space.   I found out that i have a sh*tload of size 0, 1, 2, 3 needles.  it’s a bit offensive.  The needles i have the least of?  Obviously the 36’s right? and the 50’s?  Yes.  but i have only 2 pairs of size 9’s.  why is that?

I feel relief to know that most of my needles are in a central location.  I found more over the last few days and i’ve been adding them to the box as I find them and still no problems.  The envelopes expand enough to make room while being rigid enough to keep everything in order and contained.   The most expensive part of this whole thing was the envelopes.   The whole thing cost about $65 total which is less than what I would have spent on 3 giant bait bags + the bags that go inside.

with all the throwing-away and cleaning and crap, i did get some knitting and crocheting done. 🙂

Still working on my Pi shawl.  it’s coming out nice so far!  it’s really RED!! still no photos.  i just can’t take a pic of it where it’s beauty so far shines thru due to the short lifeline that is in it 🙂  oops.

I did finish up some slippers this week.

slippers5 slippers8 slippers10 slippers4

Project:   Ladies Rose Garden Ballet Flats
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! Solids
Amount Used:  almost one full skein!
Color: periwinkle
Hook Size: F hook / 3.75 mm
Date Started: June 25, 2011
Date Finished: June 29, 2011

aren’t these cute?  I like them alot!   I just had a few notes:

  • Foot sizes are listed as a measurement in inches.  There is no information as how much you are supposed to reduce to make it a better fit.  The instructions just say “remember that this stretches”.  So i subtracted 1/2 inch from the total length of my foot (according to pattern), but it wasn’t enough. I should have subtracted 3/4″ or a whole inch.  when you do the heel, it adds length and I didn’t take this into consideration.
  • The slippers are a bit loose around my foot.  There is no number amount of sts you are to pick up when you are doing the upper part.  Which is fine, but now that I know this, i would have picked up less or done some dc2tog on the sides to cinch it up a bit to fit better and not so baggy.
  • I wish I had done the flowers in a different color.
  • I didn’t make the strap on top long enough.  Well, I did b/c since the slipper is baggy on my wee feet, the shorter strap helped cinch it all in.  but the buttonhole was too big or the button I used wasn’t big enough.  so it kept coming out.  not too convenient.

These are fast to do. I think i want to make these for some of my friends 🙂 hahaha.

Ok i think i went on and on enough.  Sorry folks. hahaha.  have a great holiday weekend!  KEEP SAFE!!!



6 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, but no Purse-Day :(

  1. P-la says:

    1) Yay for you!!!! Way to go cleaning out that garage!!! Purging purses has to feel good. I’ve been purging too and it’s hard but is rewarding.

    2) That is an awesome organization system!!! Sweet!! I may have to save up some $$ and steal your idea.

    3) Yes, you must make slippers for your friends!! Cuuuute!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

  2. chris says:

    OMG, I love your needle organization tactics! LOVE!

    The purging thing must be going around . . . I’m doing it too.

    And yeah, what Pla said about the slippers!

  3. Linda says:

    The first step is admitting you have a problem.
    Seriously-I’m in the same compulsive collecting boat as you, except with project bags! I cleaned and organized my yarn room yet again and am embarressed about how much yarn-needles-buttons-bags-ufos I have amassed! I’m running out of places to go in that room(a la Christopher Lowell design concept of “just go upward!”)Anyway, thanks for coming forward about this!

  4. Petra says:

    Nice organization. I still go in my yarn room, and then walk back out. Your ideas are GREAT! It is so cool that you know how many you have, and what you have. Ditto on the slippers. WAY CUTE!

  5. Lynne says:

    I like your storage bin for the circular needles. After searching for the perfect bag/box/case, I bought a double-sided worm binder bag from BassPro. Perfect! Whatever works best for each person, that’s what they should go with.

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