It’s not a Thursday, but the holidays are over and it’s a new year. :)

helllo friends.  I hope you all had a happpy happy holiday.  I had a pretty ok one.  I’ve found that the older I get, the grinch-ier I get.  I did manage to go home for a few days and surprise my parents.  They didn’t know i was coming home, so I was successful in scaring the crap out of them. 😀  hahaah.  hilairousss

New Years was uneventful, spent at home working — of all things.  I’ve gotten very paranoid in my old age and I’m scared of all the drunks on the road.  So I happily stayed home. 🙂 Speaking of New Years day…i saw the movie a few weeks ago.  Do not see it.  it’s awwwwwful.  The only good thing in it is Josh Dumael and that hot little boy Zac Efron.  that’s it.  hahaah. and they could have just sat there and not said a word I would have been very happy. 🙂  oh yeah.  they needed to get naked too.  haahah.

anyway, I’m glad the holidays are over.  I hate how everything gets so disrupted b/c of the holidays: work, sleep, eating, weight, my pants not fitting b/c of all the eating I do, all my coverage issues at work, etc.  bah!  I need to take a vacation that isn’t related to family work or holidays.

Usually my first post of the year contains all my resolutions and things I hope to accomplish in the year ahead.  I’m not doing that this year.  Last year I “failed” so miserably at my major goals (lose more weight, eat better, etc).  Actually wait…when I look at my list from last year, it was just of things I wanted to do rather than “resolutions”. hahah

here is the list from last year… i’m going to cross off the things I accomplished:

  1. be a better me
  2. quit eating junk – candy / froyo / cake i’m talking to you.
  3. cook more at home
  4. be more creative w/ cooking
  5. eat at least 2 servings of vegetables at every meal
  6. eat less cow  (UGH..i eat MORE cow than I did before!  WTF?)
  7. do more cardio than I have been doing
  8. clean out the garage (COMPLETELY) I can fit 2 cars in there now. 🙂
  9. knit less for people who don’t appreciate
  10. knit more for me / loved ones
  11. be less catty
  12. work smarter, not harder
  13. don’t mindlessly shop, shop smart
  14. be more thrifty when making purchases
  15. be more thankful for what I have
  16. think less about all the things I want
  17. be a meaner/rigid boss at work
  18. scan and reorganize old family photos – I did alot of this, but not completely done…
  19. throw away/donate things I don’t need anymore
  20. make at least one knit item for an unknown stranger / charity
  21. think about remodeling my bathroom DONE!!!  WHEEE!
  22. visit my family sometime soon
  23. don’t let stupid things piss me off when it’s all beyond my control
  24. start eliminating bad obsessive habits
  25. be a better friend to my friends

Hmm….11 out of 25.  not  bad! 😀

I think posting a list of things I’m thankful for might do the trick right now. 🙂

  1. my family .. they drive me nuts but I love them so much.
  2. my friends .. my family away from my family.
  3. I am employed…hallejuah!
  4. I managed to save quite a bit of money this year.  yay!
  5. the boy….I think I love him too much. 🙂
  6. my home … I have a home. 🙂
  7. I found a new kitty this year…Chewy 🙂   he’s been a great sweet little blessing in my life this year.
  8. my sanity.  I am surprised it’s still around.  🙂

No purse yet for this year.  I’ll post one next time.  I do have some FO’s to show off.

dress6 cute buttons! it's too big for bitty baby...


ProjectAngel Wings Pinafore
Yarn: Hushabye Solid
Amount Used: 2/3 a skein
Color: baby pink
Hook Size: F (3.75mm)
Date Started: Dec 18, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 19, 2011

this was a really easy and simple little dress.  I can’t wait to make ANOTHER one. 🙂


cowl for brudda


Project: Fisherman’s Rib Gaiter
: Bernat Roving
Amount Used: eh….some of each skein?
Color: burgundy / Charcoal grey
Needle Size: US 11 (8.0 mm)
Date Started: Dec 24, 2011
Date Finished: Dec 24, 2011

I felt like making a cowl and my brother is fancy enough to be able to wear one of these while wearing his peacoat w/o looking like a dandy. 🙂  I didn’t have enough grey (i knew this ahead of time) but he loves it when i put in little stripes here and there in things I make for him, so i knew he would like the burgundy stripings.

that’s all for now folks.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy new year!  I’m waiting for 2012 to be a great awesome year. 🙂  May we all give and receive as much love and happiness that we deserve. 🙂


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