it’s been a VERY long time and some changes have been made…

Howdy friends.

I have been away for a very long time.  I have no excuse really except work got busy, life got busy, blog fell to the wayside.  I’m so sorry.

Honestly since the flickr plugin I had on the site quit working, it was a pain to post up pictures and everything.  So it was more of a “job” than a fun thing to do.  and I always feel guilty about my laziness.  Modern conveniences make for First World problems. 🙂  hahaha.

Some changes have been made on the blog b/c the theme i used previously was no longer offered and caused alot of errors on the site.  My host actually took the site down for a few weeks b/c of that reason.  I finally got it all fixed, but because of that, some of the things I had on here previously were wiped out.   GRRR.

Lots has happened in the last 18 months since I last updated.  nothing TOO exciting like a wedding (for myself) or a baby (for myself).  I did buy a new house in February 2014 and it has been a process trying to renovate the house before I can move in.  The flooring had to be all changed out and the master bathroom has to be completely redone.   So i’m just now waiting for the bathroom to be started and completed and I can start moving in.  🙂

Lots of CROCHETING has been going on here and not so much knitting.  I haven’t completely gone over to the dark side 🙂   the items I have been making lately are all easier done in crochet so I’ve just been doing all that.  I think if I put a list of all the projects i’ve done in the last 18 months, i might break something.  I thought it wasn’t that much, but now that i’m looking over my files and stuff, i do realize it’s been quite a bit of things.   let’s see…about 52 projects started and completed.  yikes.

I’ll just post a pic of a few of them and I guess we can go on from there.

I’m sure i’ve lost all my friends with my long absence and for that I’m pretty sad. 🙁

a few things from the last 18 months...

a few things from the last 18 months…

DFW Fiber Fest was this past weekend and OMG!  I had a BLAST!!!

I took 4 classes and i learned alot from each one!  And i spent way too much money this year.  I can’t wait until next year.  hahahahha

I took Stop turning: knitting and purling backwards, 2 color double knitting, Knitting russian continental, and Japanese Crochet motifs.  Great teachers, great material.  Loved it.  i didn’t want it all to end! 🙂

I’ll be bringing back Thursday Purse-Day as well.  I’ve built up my collection of stuff again enough though forever ago I swore I wouldn’t buy anymore bags.  Yeah.. i seem to have forgotten all about that 😀



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